What do the targets mean?

  • UK 10 Target:
    These figures are raised in line with performance progression in each event during the previous 12 months. Each event makes progress at a different rate. Some targets prove more elusive than hoped but these statistics have highlighted where special assistance is needed from within the structure of the sport. Work by a range of partners, in close partnership with the Home Nations should ensure that programmes at all levels are connected and clearly understood.
  • UK 100 Target:
    These lines act as a progressive step, a marker for both coach and athlete that indicates where they have come from and where they then aspire to. They can be seen as an aid to planning coaching progression.
  • What if I am a Coach to an athlete who achieves the UK 10 Target?
    You are key to the success of the sport and every personal coach will be invited to the same activities as the athletes they coach. The Power of 10 website wishes to list the coaches of all athletes who exceed the UK 10 targets so that in line with the UKA Year of the Coach we can start to recognise and reward these individuals.
  • What about young athletes?
    The Power of 10 message is mainly about how we support the Athlete Pathway. Performing well at a young age is great for every athlete, but performing well for 3 / 6 / 9 years is even more important if we are to generate greater depth and higher standards.

    An athlete and coach should look at current performances and then consider what work needs to be done if the next performance level is to be reached. UKA and its partners will then offer through UK, National and Regional programmes support for athletes and their coaches to make the changes needed to continue to progress.
  • Where do the Nations and Regions fit in?
    The four Home Nations have been engaged fully in setting the targets and continue to be part of the evolution of the Power of 10 as the sport seeks to raise standards. Nations have identified lead coaches to support coach development, athletes and clubs. Their plans support the raising of standards to achieve the Power of 10 targets.

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