Event Codes Explained

Each different event is given an event code. Some are obvious: "100" "10K", others less so

  • H  Denotes hurdles (e.g. 60H = 60m hurdles)
  • W  Denotes female specification (e.g. height hurdles, weight javelin 60HW = women's 60m hurdles. NB ALSO W FOR WALKS!
  • Age groups  e.g. 60HU20W/SPU15M
  • SC  Steeplechase
  • WC  Wheelchair
  • SHORT10K  short - not eligible for rankings.
  • MT  multi-terrain - not eligible for rankings (can't be accurately measured).
  • ZXC/ZMT/ZRD   for cross country/multi terrain/road races where the distance is either unknown or non-standard;
  • NAD  e.g. some events where the distance has not been officially measured but is thought to be "Near As Dammit" the advertised distance.
  • NS  Non-standard event, such as missing hurdle/steeplechase barrier or non-standard hurdles. NS after any event code means the event is ineligible for the rankings.
  • NWJ  No water jump in the steeplechase, so ineligible for the rankings.

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