2XU Surrey Men's League Division 2 External Results
Newlands Corner
11 Oct 14
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PosPerfNameAG CoachClub 
125:30Andy Coley-MaudSENM Clapham Chasers
226:42Gilbert GrundySENMAlli CrossmanGuildford & Godalming
327:28Paul LoweSENM Stragglers/St. Mary's Richmond
427:49Peter JamesSENM Clapham Chasers
528:00Tom GriffithsSENMMarc WoodallGuildford & Godalming
628:12John McMillanSENM Clapham Chasers/Herne Hill
728:24Duncan WoolmerSENMJack RutherfordWalton
828:25Martin SnodgrassV35M Stragglers
928:39James EllisSENM Clapham Chasers
1028:50Luke DavisSENMKeith ScofieldClapham Chasers
1128:52Keith MacIntoshV40M Wimbledon Windmilers
1228:54Ollie GarrodU23M Epsom & Ewell
1328:54Alex BerrySENM Ful-On TC
1428:56Keith ScofieldV35M Clapham Chasers
1529:04Hamish CropperSENM Clapham Chasers/Australia
1629:06Ben EvansV35MMarc WoodallGuildford & Godalming
1729:08Ben KennardU23MAndrew KennardWalton
1829:12Max LovellSENM Clapham Chasers
1929:18Colin HighSENM Guildford & Godalming
2029:22Rob SherwoodSENM Clapham Chasers
2129:32Tony TuohyV50M Dulwich/Veterans
2229:33Ernie HannSENMMatthew KiernanStriders of Croydon
2329:38Simone LucianiSENM Striders of Croydon
2429:40Simon FordV35M Stragglers
2529:46Bill MakuwaV35M Striders of Croydon
2629:49Jon LadleySENMJack RutherfordWalton
2729:56Matt ReedSENM Walton
2829:58Clayton PayneSENM Epsom & Ewell
2929:59Simon RowlesSENM Clap
3030:07Matthew MorganV35M Striders of Croydon
3130:13Alastair LockeSENM Dulwich
3230:14Ben OsbornV35M Stragglers
3330:25Keiran AllenV35M Ful-On TC
3430:28James YoungV35M Wimbledon Windmilers
3530:29Dominic MastersSENM Ful-On TC
3630:30Thomas ClaracqV40M Ful-On TC
3730:37James AdamsSENMMarc WoodallGuildford & Godalming
3830:38Wayne LashleySENM Dulwich
3930:39Philip BearmanV50M St. Mary's Richmond/Walton
4030:46Mark HaworthSENM Wimbledon Windmilers
4130:47Lee FlanaganV40M Striders of Croydon
4230:51James BerresfordV35M Clapham Chasers
4330:57Will ClarkSENM Epsom & Ewell
4430:59Euan LeesV40M Ful-On TC
4531:00Ben DarlowSENM Guildford & Godalming
4631:01Tal RamsayU23MJohn MontgomeryClapham Chasers
4731:05Justin MacenhillV40M Striders of Croydon
4831:08Will CollinsSENM Taunton/B2P Triathlon Club/Guildford & Godalming
4931:08Nathan MartinSENMMarc WoodallGuildford & Godalming/Wharfedale
5031:10Bryn ReynoldsSENMDavid ChalfenClapham Chasers
5131:16Edwin MccormackSENM Dulwich
5231:25Henry Keighley ElstubV40M Wimbledon Windmilers
5331:27Charles LoundV45M Dulwich
5431:33Matt CarlisleSENMAndrew HobdellClapham Chasers
5531:34Nick BurkittV40M Clapham Chasers
5631:39Simon NewtonV40M Wimbledon Windmilers
5731:41Gavin MegawV35MMarc WoodallGuildford & Godalming
5831:45Ben FriendSENMMarc WoodallGuildford & Godalming
5931:50Brian CroninSENM Clapham Chasers/Ireland
6031:53Simon AmbrosiV35M Striders of Croydon
6131:58James HarveyV40M Walton
6231:59Reuben McGregorSENM Clapham Chasers/Leicester Tri
6331:59Damian MacEnhillV40M Striders of Croydon
6432:10Freddie LeathamSENM Ful-On TC
6532:14Roy ReederV45M Stragglers
6632:18Jason ParrishV40M Ful-On TC
6732:22Stuart FlackV40M Epsom & Ewell/Southern Counties Vets
6832:26Ian LilleyV40M Dulwich
6932:29Richard BaggottSENM Stragglers
7032:33Graham BellSENM Wimbledon Windmilers
7132:36Matthew StoneV50M Striders of Croydon
7232:43Rajiv RatanSENM Guildford & Godalming
7332:46Gary SalmonSENMKeith ScofieldClapham Chasers
7433:00Marc WoodallSENM Guildford & Godalming
7533:03James HamiltonV40M Wimbledon Windmilers
7633:06Paul DevineV35M Dulwich
7733:08Raymond NgaiSENM Wimbledon Windmilers
7833:09James BaggottSENMMarc WoodallGuildford & Godalming
7933:12Eberhard PrillV50M Dulwich/Germany
8033:12Simon PannellV50M Striders of Croydon
8133:13Dan MarshmanV40M Clapham Chasers
8233:14Paul SandersonV55M Guildford & Godalming
8333:18Matthew HillsSENM Guildford & Godalming
8433:27James BartosikSENM Walton
8533:30Rob MarcusV35M Walton
8633:31Mike WilliamSENM FOTri
8733:34Andy WyattSENM Clap
8833:35James RogersSENM Clap
8933:40Malcolm FletcherV55M Stragglers
9033:44Simon BrazilV45M Stragglers
9133:47Richard Lee-SmithV40M Striders of Croydon
9233:50Andy PerksV40M Striders of Croydon
9334:06Gareth PritchardV45M Stragglers
9434:08Daniel JohnsonV45MDave MitchellEpsom & Ewell
9534:14Colin HannSENM Striders of Croydon
9634:16Rob MyringSENM Guildford & Godalming/Arena 80
9734:22Chris NessV40MJack RutherfordWalton
9834:29Chris de MaunySENM Walton/Hailsham
9934:33Barry WhiteV40M Striders of Croydon
10034:37Chris MortonV45M Striders of Croydon
10134:38Gordon BerryV35M Wimbledon Windmilers
10234:48James CarterV35M Epsom & Ewell
10334:49Ross McLeodV35M Clapham Chasers
10434:54Francis KungV40M Ful-On TC
10534:55Phil McelhinneyV45M Wimbledon Windmilers
10634:58Luke CareySENM Ful-On TC
10735:01Rob CopeV40M Dulwich
10835:12Nigel RothwellV45M Stragglers
10935:23Alistair GibsonV40MMarc WoodallGuildford & Godalming
11035:31Andrew MilneSENM Clapham Chasers
11135:37Mike MannV65M Dulwich/Herne Hill/Veterans
11235:40Mark FosterV45M Dulwich
11335:43Mark GoodwinSENM Epsom Oddballs
11435:43Hugh BalfourV60M Dulwich
11535:45Simon WebsterV35M Striders of Croydon
11635:53Darren WoodsSENM Striders of Croydon
11735:55Craig NicolV45M Wimbledon Windmilers
11835:56Jeffrey ButlerV45M Epsom & Ewell
11936:03Jim DowsettV40M Dulwich
12036:07Nick BrownV45M Stragglers
12136:09Stephen CoxV45M Wimbledon Windmilers
12236:10Paul HeaveyV35M Clapham Chasers
12336:10Daniel PowellV40M Clapham Chasers
12436:11Greg WilliamsSENM Striders of Croydon
12536:16Andrew BakerSENM Guildford & Godalming
12636:31Philip LeavyV35M Ful-On TC
12736:40Andrew TaylorSENM Serpentine/Guildford & Godalming
12836:41Peter ColwillV55M Stragglers
12936:46Mike HindleySENM Clapham Chasers
13037:01Mark KellyV45M Striders of Croydon
13137:12Andy HoyleSENM Ful-On TC
13237:16Jon ParryV35M Stragglers
13337:26David BellV50M Wimbledon Windmilers
13437:32Martin DoubleV35M Dulwich
13537:45Abu-turab BharwanaV40M Stragglers
13637:55Timothy HugginsV40M Stragglers
13738:07Cameron SmithV40M Ful-On TC
13838:34Mark BentonV40M Ful-On TC
13938:41Jose LopezSENM Ful-On TC
14038:57Mark SempersV35M Ful-On TC
14139:19Matt LythellSENM Guildford & Godalming
14239:39Bill ArburyV45M Epsom & Ewell
14339:47Graham BallV65M Wimbledon Windmilers
14439:50Tony RichardsV45M Epsom & Ewell
14539:58Phil RokerV45M Ful-On TC
14640:18Simon CheethamV55M Wimbledon Windmilers
14740:42Paul LaceySENM Lordshill
14841:51Joby ThomasV40M Stragglers
14942:23Martin NormanU23M Walton
15042:52Desmond EdwardsSENM Dulwich
15143:22Brynmor FranckeV35M Walton
15247:20Malcolm HowardV65M Walton