Rugby & Northampton Club Championships External Results
13 Sep 14
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800 U17M
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
12:10.2Oskar PotomskiPBU17M1 Rugby & Northampton2:10.22:08.82
22:10.8Ewan RobertsPBU15M-1 Rugby & Northampton2:10.82:10.8
32:11.2Thomas JasperPBU15M-1 Rugby & Northampton2:11.22:11.2
42:11.4Joe MusgrovePBU15M-2Nicholas GarnerRugby & Northampton2:11.41:57.53
52:19.6Jack Carey U15M-2 Rugby & Northampton2:17.42:16.4
62:23.1Jay O'LearyPBU15M-1Mark LambethRugby & Northampton2:23.12:23.1
72:31.0Ethan Kent-Whittaker U15M-2Bill BoydRugby & Northampton2:29.22:18.30
82:41.5Adam BebbingtonPBU15M-1 Rugby & Northampton2:41.52:21.1
92:55.5Thomas LeaSBU15M-1Kevin MurchRugby & Northampton2:55.52:45.9
103:05.5William BallingerPBU15M-2Kevin MurchRugby & Northampton3:05.53:05.5
800 U13M 1
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
12:21.9Adam Caulfield U13M2 Rugby & Northampton2:21.12:06.4
22:35.9Luke McTurkSBU13M2 Rugby & Northampton2:35.92:30.7
32:37.3Cian Hutton U13M2 Rugby & Northampton2:32.32:07.7
42:46.8Samuel WhittakerSBU13M2James WrightRugby & Northampton2:46.82:37.0
52:48.4Tom WilcockPBU13M2Mark LambethRugby & Northampton2:48.42:48.4
62:54.2Maxwell McLeodPBU13M2 Rugby & Northampton2:54.22:54.2
73:08.1Fenton Bishop-TimingsPBU13M2Kevin MurchRugby & Northampton3:08.12:56.0
83:38.4Joseph Bevan U13M2 Rugby & Northampton3:22.23:22.2
800 U13M 2
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
12:37.9Scott Kruck U13M1 Rugby & Northampton2:34.12:32.0
22:48.9Fraser Wooldridge U13M1 Rugby & Northampton2:41.72:41.7
32:50.0William DeanPBU13M1Kevin SmithRugby & Northampton2:50.02:50.0
42:53.7Joseph HarrisSBU13M1 Rugby & Northampton2:53.72:37.5
52:53.9Ellis Chaplow U13M1 Rugby & Northampton2:50.02:17.2
62:54.3Dominic DewesSBU13M1 Rugby & Northampton2:54.32:35.9
72:58.4George GammageSBU13M1 Rugby & Northampton2:58.42:40.0
82:58.9Harley Kenny-CostelloPBU13M1 Rugby & Northampton2:58.92:58.9
92:59.1Joe Baker U13M1 Rugby & Northampton2:57.02:57.0
103:01.4Rishi PatelSBU13M1 Rugby & Northampton3:01.42:54.2
113:02.8Eoin HuttonPBU13M1 Rugby & Northampton3:02.82:47.10
123:03.0Benjamin LoleSBU13M1 Rugby & Northampton3:03.02:54.57
133:05.4Sam HoldsworthPBU13M1 Rugby & Northampton3:05.43:05.4
800 U15W 4
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
12:33.8Hollie Moore U15W1 Rugby & Northampton2:30.82:25.7
22:38.6Lauren Nash U15W1 Rugby & Northampton2:34.22:31.0
32:44.4Olivia SheehanPBU15W1Nicholas GarnerRugby & Northampton2:44.42:34.31
42:49.2Alice GrocottPBU15W2 Rugby & Northampton2:49.22:49.2
52:54.2Caitlin VogesPBU15W1 Rugby & Northampton2:54.22:54.2
62:57.0Phoenix Hitchcock U15W2 Rugby & Northampton2:50.72:50.7
72:59.9Lucy Laight U15W1 Rugby & Northampton2:59.62:52.8
83:00.7Freya ColePBU15W1 Rugby & Northampton3:00.73:00.7
93:04.7Milan CluesPBU15W2Janet WrightRugby & Northampton3:04.73:04.7
103:14.8Evie AtkinPBU15W1 Rugby & Northampton3:14.83:14.8
113:19.7Laurone AgerPBU15W1 Rugby & Northampton3:19.73:19.7
123:22.4Charlotte DuffinPBU15W1 Rugby & Northampton3:22.43:22.4
133:23.2Emily HiltonPBU15W1 Rugby & Northampton3:23.23:23.2
800 U13W 1
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
12:42.4Abigail Ward U13W1 Rugby & Northampton2:39.52:39.5
22:52.4Hollie ReynoldsPBU13W1 Rugby & Northampton2:52.42:40.3
32:52.9Amelia DickensSBU13W1 Rugby & Northampton2:52.92:45.4
42:56.1Rebeca EdwardsSBU13W1 Rugby & Northampton2:56.12:34.0
53:01.4Fenella Downes U13W1 Rugby & Northampton2:52.22:38.01
63:05.2Daisy Lovell U13W1 Rugby & Northampton2:55.72:55.7
73:10.9Lucy Moore U13W1 Rugby & Northampton3:06.83:02.1
83:13.5Maia ReynoldsPBU13W1Stuart CarlawRugby & Northampton3:13.53:13.5
103:21.7Ruby ColePBU13W1 Rugby & Northampton3:21.73:21.7
113:22.9Chloe BevanPBU13W1 Rugby & Northampton3:22.93:22.9
800 U13W 2
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
12:38.5Abigail Pearce U13W2 Rugby & Northampton2:31.82:29.1
22:47.1Emma Barker U13W2Michael LewisRugby & Northampton2:44.62:26.60
32:51.0Zoe Morling U13W2 Rugby & Northampton2:43.32:40.9
42:52.5Charlotte PowisPBU13W2 Rugby & Northampton2:52.52:52.5
53:05.1Rhian MorganPBU13W2 Rugby & Northampton3:05.13:05.1
63:06.5Mary Beetham-GreenPBU13W2Beverley SimmsRugby & Northampton3:06.53:06.5
73:06.7Jasmine WhithamPBU13W2 Rugby & Northampton3:06.73:06.7
83:07.5Iola GrantPBU13W2 Rugby & Northampton3:07.53:07.5
93:15.1Ella WatfordSBU13W1 Rugby & Northampton3:15.12:42.8
103:15.7Emma HylandSBU13W2 Rugby & Northampton3:15.72:48.92
113:16.3Nina LockhartPBU13W2 Rugby & Northampton3:16.33:16.3
93:19.0Amelia TuttPBU13W1Mark WallRugby & Northampton3:19.02:54.9
123:20.8Isabelle WallacePBU13W2 Rugby & Northampton3:20.83:20.8