Dunbartonshire Championships External Results
Balloch Country Park
15 Nov 14
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PosPerfNameAG YearCoachClub 
131:51Alastair ThurlbeckU20M John MontgomeryGlasgow University Hares & Hounds
232:21Martin HayesSENM  Victoria Park City of Glasgow/Glasgow Uni
332:33Grant BoyneU20M John MontgomeryGlasgow Uni
433:35Gavyn ChalmersU23M  Garscube/Glasgow University Hares & Hounds
533:40Donald McPartlinSENM  Garscube
633:46James McLaughlinV35M  Dumbarton
733:49Marco ConsaniV40M  Garscube
833:52Fraser GlassU20M  Victoria Park City of Glasgow
934:01Peter CurrieV40M  Dumbarton
1034:04John BellV45M  Garscube
1134:12Alex ChalmersV45M  Garscube
1234:20Matthew O'BrienU23M  Garscube
1334:24Mark WalshV35M  Dumbarton
1434:29Alan BlairSENM  Garscube
1534:38Chris UpsonV50M  Cambuslang/Westerlands
1634:50Paul CarrollV45M  Clydesdale
1735:00James WatersV40M  Dumbarton
1835:01Christopher MosesSENM  Helensburgh
1935:08David HoggV40M  Kirkintilloch
2035:13Rory McMillanSENM  G U Hares and Hounds
2135:17James GallacherV50M  Kirkintilloch
2235:29Michael SweeneyV35M  Helensburgh
2335:34Crawford LittleV40M  Victoria Park City of Glasgow
2435:39David RiachV45M  Westerlands
2535:39Howard C ElliottV45M  Kirkintilloch
2635:52Bobby KeenanSENM  Kirkintilloch Olympians
2735:56Callum HeirsU20M  Victoria Park City of Glasgow
2836:07Kieran PughU20M  Kirkintilloch
2936:19William BryantU20M  Glasgow University Hares & Hounds
3036:23Craig PriorU23M   
3136:28Barry QueenV35M  Garscube
3237:00Andrew SutherlandV35M  Maryhill Harriers
3337:09David ScottSENM  Kirkintilloch
3437:14James ThompsonSENM  Garscube Harriers
3537:16Neil PriorV50M  Dumbarton
3637:18Daniel BurnsSENM  Garscube
3737:19David DicksonV55M  Garscube/Westerlands
3837:21Luke CerexheSENM  G U Hares and Hounds
3937:26Michael DiverV45M  Clydesdale
4037:27David ShawSENM  Dumbarton
4137:34Alistair LittleU23M  Glasgow Uni
4237:38Ian ThurlbeckV50M  Westerlands
4337:44Robert RogersonV50M  Kirkintilloch
4438:00Sean CaseyV45M  Kirkintilloch
4538:12Iain RobertsonV35M  Clydesdale
4638:29Athole SmithV50M  Garscube
4738:39Duncan ThomsonV40M  Victoria Park City of Glasgow
4838:43Stephen ColeV40M  Dumbarton
4938:44Peter JardineV45M  Victoria Park City of Glasgow
5038:44David CalderV50M  Westerlands
5139:02Ralph ConnollyV45M  Victoria Park City of Glasgow
5239:06Gordon HumphriesV40M  Kirkintilloch Olympians
5339:08Stevie CowperV45M  Milburn
5439:16Craig WhiteSENM  Maryhill Harriers
5539:22John Gordon MurrayV35M  Garscube
5639:27Mark AshbyV50M  Southport Waterloo/Victoria Park City of Glasgow
5739:32Nicky ParkerV45M  Garscube
6439:38John QuinnV55M  Westerlands
5839:45Mark WelsfordV40M  Kirkintilloch Olympians
5939:56Damien TheakerV50M  Helensburgh
6039:59Steffen GorgasSENM  Westerlands
6140:14Paul KellySENM  Dumbarton
6240:16John R WeirV50M  Maryhill Harriers
6340:20Peter WalshSENM  Dumbarton
6540:45Damien MooreSENM  Victoria Park City of Glasgow
6640:56Ryan NelsonU23M  Clydesdale
6740:56John PughV45M  Kirkintilloch
6840:59William GoldieV55M  Dumbarton
6941:11Adam RedpathU23M Henry MuchamoreVictoria Park City of Glasgow
7041:18Lindsay CunninghamV40M  Garscube
7141:23Kieran SullivanSENM  Maryhill Harriers
7241:25Paul MckendryV50M  Clydesdale
7341:36Joseph PalmerV45M  Helensburgh
7442:02Gary ShawV35M  Kirkintilloch
7542:02Jim McAnenyV55M  Garscube
7642:34Colin DouglasV40M  Helensburgh
7742:55Don ReidV55M  Westerlands
7843:26Paul McCowatSENM  Milburn Harriers
7943:27Mark CathroV40M  Garscube Harriers
8043:36Patrick BurnsV55M  Milburn
8143:55Michael KempSENM  Maryhill Harriers
8344:50Cornel NeilV50M  Kirkintilloch
8445:33Alasdair MackayV45M  Garscube
8545:40Peter A DowV50M  Garscube
8645:44John HamerV50M  Westerlands
8746:00Raymond EvansSENM  Dumbarton AAC
8846:03Alistair WylieV55M  Helensburgh
8946:57Brian GallacherV50M  West Dunbartonshire AC
9047:55Daniel ChandlerV40M  Kirkintilloch
9150:36Chris HeverV50M  Maryhill Harriers
PosPerfNameAG YearCoachClub 
118:19Max MilarvieU17M1Charlie MurrayVictoria Park City of Glasgow
219:04Brian AirdU17M1 Clydesdale
319:04Joe BartonU17M1 Helensburgh
420:14Aidan McCaffreyU17M1 Kirkintilloch
522:21Lewis HayU17M1 Clydesdale
623:11Darren DolanU17M2 Clydesdale
PosPerfNameAG YearCoachClub 
118:27Cody StevensonU15M2 Garscube
218:38Aiden JohnstonU15M  Victoria Park City of Glasgow
318:50Charlie MilarvieU15M2 Victoria Park City of Glasgow
418:53Arun SmithU15M1 Garscube
518:58Finlay GrayU15M1Chris BaillieHelensburgh
619:10Andrew MorelandU15M2 Victoria Park City of Glasgow
719:14Michael MillerU15M1 Helensburgh
819:36Jack CuthbertsonU15M1 Garscube
919:41Luke McCaffreyU15M1 Kirkintilloch
1019:59Ross ChapmanU15M1 Garscube
1120:57Jamie BennettU15M  Garscube Harriers
1221:01Huw MorganU15M2 Garscube
1321:27Craig WestonU20M7 Garscube
1422:03Calum BrownU15M  Victoria Park City of Glasgow
1522:08Harry LamondU15M2 Kirkintilloch
1622:32Thomas ConnollyU15M1 Victoria Park City of Glasgow
1722:55Ross TreartyU15M  Maryhill Harriers
1823:55Calum SilcockU15M  Garscube Harriers
1935:00Alexander CampbellU15M2 Maryhill Harriers
PosPerfNameAG YearCoachClub 
111:29Elliot DuffU13M3 Garscube
211:43Jack TrainerU13M2 Garscube
311:54Dylan ElliottU13M2 Kirkintilloch
412:34James CathroU13M3 Garscube
512:41Robert WhittickU13M2 Clydesdale
613:03Euan ChapmanU13M  Garscube
713:22Calum MacGillvrayU13M  Helensburgh AAC
813:33Stuart ReidU13M2 Garscube
913:41Jack DolanU15M4 Clydesdale
1013:46Cairn WallaceU13M2 Clydesdale
1113:59Keir LangU13M1 Helensburgh
1214:04William WrightU13M2 Helensburgh
1314:08Jake McPhersonU13M2 Clydesdale
1414:19Stuart AirdU13M2 Clydesdale
1514:38Hamish PatersonU13M1 Helensburgh
1614:44Frazer TreartyU13M  Maryhill Harriers
1714:55Liam CaseyU13M2 Kirkintilloch
1815:07Calum McGregorU13M1 Kirkintilloch
1915:19JJ HerrickU13M2 Clydesdale
2015:39Lloyd YoungU13M2 Clydesdale
2115:54Jamie ReidU13M  West Dunbartonshire AC
2216:12Paul QueenU13M  West Dunbartonshire AC
2316:57Adam O'DellU13M  Garscube Harriers
2417:37Rory McMillanU13M2 Garscube
PosPerfNameAG YearCoachClub 
17:50Finlay Ross-DavieU13M12 Garscube
27:52Dominic MorganU13M13 Garscube
37:55Russell BarnettU11M10 Victoria Park City of Glasgow
48:12Finlay KellyU11M11 Victoria Park City of Glasgow
58:47Alistair McCartneyU11M11 Helensburgh
68:49Fergus CurrieU11M10 Garscube
79:05Marcus DonnellyU11M  Garscube Harriers
89:08Louis SharpU11M  VP Glasgow
99:09Craig MacDonaldU11M  Milburn Harriers
109:26Gregor BlackburnU11M11 Helensburgh
119:32Daniel TreartyU11M  Maryhill Harriers
129:40Finn BridgesU11M11 Helensburgh
139:41Joshua CinnamondU11M  VP Glasgow
149:46Lewis ByrneU11M  Clydesdale Harriers
159:50Cameron McLeanU11M  Garscube Harriers
1610:11Ross GreerU11M  Clydesdale Harriers
1710:35Matthew HinksU11M  Garscube Harriers
1810:40Ewan DunbarU11M  Clydesdale Harriers
1910:44Max ShannonU11M  Clydesdale Harriers
2010:58Casey ArcherU11M  Garscube Harriers
2112:31Declan BreenU11M  Clydesdale Harriers
PosPerfNameAG YearCoachClub 
127:48Kenneth WhiteV60M4 Ambleside/Helensburgh
228:13William McneillV50M-3 Kirkintilloch
328:21Billy FergusonV60M  Dumbarton
428:33Pete CartwrightV70M13 Clydesdale/Scottish Vets H
528:43Bobby YoungV70M12 Clydesdale/Scottish Vets H
630:25Tony HallV65M10 Garscube
744:23Ross McInroyV60M3 Helensburgh
PosPerfNameAG YearCoachClub 
124:24Melissa WylieV45W  Dumbarton
225:12Claire ThompsonV35W Graham SmithVictoria Park City of Glasgow
325:26Lindsey CurrieV40W  Dumbarton
425:46Lynsey LennoxSENW  Dumbarton
526:29Madeline RobinsonU20W  Helensburgh
626:31Lorna MahoneyV45W  Milburn
726:34Nikki LyonsSENW  Dumbarton
826:37Anne Marie McgregorV40W  Kirkintilloch
926:39Charlene KellySENW  Dumbarton
1027:15Harriet Whitby-TillotSENW  G U Hares and Hounds
1127:22Marian KellySENW  Garscube
1227:23Rebecca ParrySENW  Helensburgh
1327:28Elaine Marie HoggV45W  Kirkintilloch
1427:40Michelle HetheringtonV50W  Helensburgh
1527:44Kathryn ScottV50W  Garscube
1627:55Ann-Marie McCaffreyV45W  Kirkintilloch
1728:27Sarah AdamV35W  Maryhill Harriers/Westerlands
1828:37Ann WhiteV60W  Garscube
1928:57Rebecca BealeV35W  Helensburgh
2029:00Alice EverettSENW  G U Hares and Hounds
2129:25Marina McCallumV40W  Clydesdale
2231:14Laura JohnstoneSENW  Helensburgh/Unattached
2331:16Gaynor GillespieV45W  Westerlands
2431:21Catriona NisbetSENW  Maryhill Harriers
2531:26Christine DuncansonV55W  Clydesdale
2632:31Maureen MartinV35W  West Dunbartonshire AC
2733:02Fran CrumleySENW  Helensburgh AAC
2833:15Christine MenhennetV55W  Westerlands
2933:45Linda SinclairV40W  Maryhill Harriers
3034:06Caroline HeverV50W  Maryhill Harriers
3134:07Caroline JohnstoneSENW  Helensburgh AAC
3234:15Leanne CookeSENW  Westerlands
3335:25Margaret PeeblesSENW  Maryhill Harriers
3435:37Carole BarrieV45W  Helensburgh
3535:50Caroline DowV35W  Garscube Harriers
3636:26Pat McLaughlinV55W  Westerlands
3737:24Sharon TaylorV45W  Westerlands
3837:55Lynn McLaughlinV35W  West Dunbartonshire AC
3938:46Michelle HumphreysV35W  Kirkintilloch Olympians
4041:17Lynn DohertySENW  VP Glasgow
4142:44Moira DonohueV45W  West Dunbartonshire AC
PosPerfNameAG YearCoachClub 
120:53Melissa RobinsonU17W1 Helensburgh
222:06Emma Mary WilsonU20W5 Garscube
322:20Perri McCluskeyU17W1 Kirkintilloch
423:15Alicia PatonU17W1 Kirkintilloch
523:22Victoria RobertsonU17W2 Kirkintilloch
623:47Eilidh ChapmanU17W1 Garscube
723:59Iona FraserU17W  Garscube Harriers
825:58Alex BurnsU17W1Chris BaillieHelensburgh
PosPerfNameAG YearCoachClub 
121:05Jennifer MuirU15W  Kirkintilloch Olympians
221:42Holly LittleU15W2John LeesVictoria Park City of Glasgow
322:21Emma MahonU15W1 Kirkintilloch
424:18Sophie LathanU15W1 Garscube
526:01Emily SillarsU15W  Garscube Harriers
626:40Chloe MurphyU15W1 Helensburgh
728:37Meg TomkinsU15W2 Kirkintilloch
PosPerfNameAG YearCoachClub 
113:04Hannah PatonU13W3 Kirkintilloch
213:25Jenna LittleU13W1 Victoria Park City of Glasgow
313:38Charlie BridgesU13W2 Helensburgh
413:44Niamh SummersU13W2 Kirkintilloch
513:49Niamh HayU13W1 Victoria Park City of Glasgow
613:59Rachel GillespieU13W3 Victoria Park City of Glasgow
714:23Abbie LeanordU13W  Victoria Park City of Glasgow
814:33Ellie HinesU13W  Garscube Harriers
914:47Alex DowU13W2 Kirkintilloch
1014:49Grace HamiltonU13W1 Victoria Park City of Glasgow
1114:52Gillian QuinnU15W4 Maryhill Harriers
1215:01Antonia BurnsU15W4 Helensburgh
1315:02Amy CraigU13W  Maryhill Harriers
1415:04Rhianna McQuillanU13W2 Clydesdale
1515:12Catie MacgillivrayU13W1 Helensburgh
1615:16Rachel ChalmersU15W4 Garscube
1715:28Skye BirnieU13W1 West Dunbartonshire
1815:37Anna McCrackenU13W2 Clydesdale
1915:56Ruby ImrieU13W  Garscube
2016:05Katie FlettU13W1 Helensburgh
2116:18Tamzin SmithU15W4 Maryhill Harriers
2216:18Jenny HydeU13W1 Helensburgh
2317:03Orla VennardU13W  Garscube Harriers
2417:16Chloe MaguireU13W  Helensburgh AAC
2517:24Kara SutcliffeU13W  Garscube Harriers
2617:28Alice WilsonU13W  Garscube Harriers
2717:40Lorna ReidU15W4 Garscube
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