Northamptonshire Schools' Championships External Results
17 Jan 15
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PosPerfNameAG YearCoachClub 
1NTJack HopeU20M  Northamptonshire Schs
2NTJack BondU20M  Northamptonshire Schs
3NTBen MusgroveU20M  Northamptonshire Schs
4NTCharlie WheelerU20M  Northamptonshire Schs
5NTGeorge WheelerU20M  Northamptonshire Schs
6NTJack MurphyU20M  Northamptonshire Schs
7NTKyran WilsonU20M  Northamptonshire Schs
8NTEdward CannellU20M  Northamptonshire Schs
9NTBen MinterU20M  Northamptonshire Schs
10NTEd FrainU20M  Northamptonshire Schs
11NTMatthew BrookesU20M  Northamptonshire Schs
12NTJames BrackenburyU20M  Northamptonshire Schs
13NTCraig ShakletonU20M  Northamptonshire Schs
14NTCallum PrinslooU20M  Northamptonshire Schs
15NTChristian WhiteU20M  Northamptonshire Schs
PosPerfNameAG YearCoachClub 
1NTJoshua LayU15M-1Anthony LoveRugby & Northampton
2NTJames MinterU15M-1Kevin P MinterOlney
3NTJoe HennessyU17M  Northamptonshire Schs
4NTOska PotomskiU17M  Northamptonshire Schs
5NTEthan MehmetU17M  Northamptonshire Schs
6NTZach RycroftU17M  Northamptonshire Schs
7NTSam ArisU17M  Northamptonshire Schs
8NTCameron RobertsU15M-1 Rugby & Northampton
9NTJosh PurtonU17M  Northamptonshire Schs
10NTJoe PendredU17M  Northamptonshire Schs
11NTSean O'haganU17M  Northamptonshire Schs
12NTNikhil KhatriU17M  Northamptonshire Schs
13NTMicheal BaileyU17M  Northamptonshire Schs
14NTAlex YearsleyU17M  Northamptonshire Schs
15NTJack BrownlieU17M  Northamptonshire Schs
16NTErin BakerU17M  Northamptonshire Schs
17NTXavier AddyU15M-1 Marshall Milton Keynes
18NTLewis HakinU17M  Northamptonshire Schs
19NTCharlie DadleyU17M  Northamptonshire Schs
20NTKelsey WalshU17M  Northamptonshire Schs
21NTAlex StewardU17M  Northamptonshire Schs
22NTSam BrookeU17M  Northamptonshire Schs
23NTOiver PrattU17M  Northamptonshire Schs
24NTJack SmartU17M  Northamptonshire Schs
25NTMahad HussainU17M  Northamptonshire Schs
PosPerfNameAG YearCoachClub 
1NTAdam SearleU15M1 Rugby & Northampton
2NTJoe MusgroveU15M1Nicholas GarnerRugby & Northampton
3NTTom HughesU15M  Northamptonshire Schs
4NTAdam McCroneU15M1Bill BoydCorby
5NTMatthew RushtonU15M  Northamptonshire Schs
6NTCole MasonU15M  Northamptonshire Schs
7NTMorgan PotterU13M-1Bill BoydCorby
8NTHenri CodlingU13M-1Shane SmithKettering
9NTMatthew ChronicleU15M1Kyle BennettRugby & Northampton
10NTSam BakerU15M  Northamptonshire Schs
11NTJack GrayU15M  Northamptonshire Schs
12NTNiall MathersU15M  Northamptonshire Schs
13NTFynn BatkinU15M1 Kettering
14NTWilliam McMurtrieU15M1 Rugby & Northampton
15NTHarry GraceyU13M-1Bill BoydCorby
16NTJosh GreenfieldU15M  Northamptonshire Schs
17NTJamie WallsU15M  Northamptonshire Schs
18NTGus StephensonU15M  Northamptonshire Schs
19NTArvind PooniU15M  Northamptonshire Schs
20NTDavid ChronicleU15M  Northamptonshire Schs
21NTGer SuppleU15M  Northamptonshire Schs
22NTJames EdwardsU15M  Northamptonshire Schs
23NTAlex CunninghamU15M1Bill BoydCorby
24NTGeorge EdwardsU15M  Northamptonshire Schs
25NTHarry DarnellU15M  Northamptonshire Schs
26NTJames McIntyreU13M-1Bill BoydCorby
27NTJack BlackhamU15M  Northamptonshire Schs
28NTTrystan BarnettU15M  Northamptonshire Schs
30NTReece PollenU15M  Northamptonshire Schs
31NTMusaab HassanU15M  Northamptonshire Schs
32NTJacob ElliotU15M  Northamptonshire Schs
33NTAlfie LongU15M  Northamptonshire Schs
34NTHarvey BurnsU15M  Northamptonshire Schs
35NTRyan ReedU15M  Northamptonshire Schs
36NTMax LewisU15M  Northamptonshire Schs
37NTAlex TelferU15M  Northamptonshire Schs
38NTBenjamin LovejoyU15M1 Corby
39NTZach BoyntonU15M  Northamptonshire Schs
41NTThomas WilcockU15M  Northamptonshire Schs
42NTJosh BonnettU15M  Northamptonshire Schs
43NTGeorge MallottU15M  Northamptonshire Schs
44NTSean BraggU15M  Northamptonshire Schs
45NTJamie ParkerU15M  Northamptonshire Schs
46NTAlex AthertonU15M  Northamptonshire Schs
47NTHarry DawsonU15M  Northamptonshire Schs
48NTSam ArdenU15M  Northamptonshire Schs
PosPerfNameAG YearCoachClub 
1NTDylan BowleyU13M1Shane SmithKettering
2NTLuca MayesU13M1Bill BoydCorby
3NTFergus ScottU13M2 Silson
4NTSam TownU13M  Northamptonshire Schs
5NTScott KruckU13M1 Rugby & Northampton
6NTGeorge EveleighU13M  Northamptonshire Schs
7NTOliver ReadU11M-1Shane SmithKettering
8NTLuke HarrisU13M  Northamptonshire Schs
9NTHarry BoyntonU13M1 Rugby & Northampton
10NTJames BarrittU13M  Northamptonshire Schs
11NTGeorge HooperU13M  Northamptonshire Schs
12NTHarvey BarnardU13M  Northamptonshire Schs
13NTMax CarrollU13M  Northamptonshire Schs
14NTTom ScottU13M  Northamptonshire Schs
15NTJasper CooperU13M  Northamptonshire Schs
16NTScott SimmsU13M  Northamptonshire Schs
17NTSebastian JamesU13M  Northamptonshire Schs
18NTJames McloedU13M  Northamptonshire Schs
19NTTom McFaddenU13M  Northamptonshire Schs
20NTTom RowleyU13M  Northamptonshire Schs
21NTJoe BakerU13M  Northamptonshire Schs
22NTAlex LettU13M  Northamptonshire Schs
23NTDaniel HammondU13M  Northamptonshire Schs
24NTMatthew ArdenU13M  Northamptonshire Schs
25NTDion RankineU13M  Northamptonshire Schs
26NTCharlie DowseU13M  Northamptonshire Schs
27NTAlfie PendredU13M  Northamptonshire Schs
28NTBanji DaviesU13M  Northamptonshire Schs
29NTArchie DudleyU13M  Northamptonshire Schs
30NTWill DownerU13M  Northamptonshire Schs
31NTSpencer WalkerU13M  Northamptonshire Schs
32NTMatt BlomlleyU13M  Northamptonshire Schs
33NTGeorge GammageU13M  Northamptonshire Schs
34NTDanny FureyU13M  Northamptonshire Schs
35NTBen LeicesterU13M  Northamptonshire Schs
36NTSamuel WebsterU13M  Northamptonshire Schs
37NTHarrison BellU13M  Northamptonshire Schs
38NTThomas ColeU13M  Northamptonshire Schs
39NTOlly GraceyU13M  Northamptonshire Schs
40NTElijah HughesU13M  Northamptonshire Schs
41NTFinlay WardU13M  Northamptonshire Schs
42NTEthan NelisU13M1 Kettering
43NTVal RuddU13M  Northamptonshire Schs
44NTConnor KnapmanU13M  Northamptonshire Schs
45NTWayne NsumiwaU13M  Northamptonshire Schs
46NTChristian IbbassonU13M  Northamptonshire Schs
47NTNevel BinnsU13M  Northamptonshire Schs
48NTMorgan BrownU13M  Northamptonshire Schs
49NTSam BatchelorU13M  Northamptonshire Schs
50NTLiam CleggU13M  Northamptonshire Schs
PosPerfNameAG YearCoachClub 
1NTJess GordonU20W  Northamptonshire Schs
2NTRebecca LeadbeaterU17W-1 Rugby & Northampton
3NTKirsty GoddardU17W-1George JonesRugby & Northampton
4NTEllie WelchU20W1Bill BoydCorby/Rugby & Northampton
5NTEmma BondU17W-1Steve McGowanRugby & Northampton
6NTFrancesca AshworthU20W1Shane SmithKettering
7NTLeisha MulveyU20W1 Rugby & Northampton
8NTSian WilliamsU20W  Northamptonshire Schs
9NTCiara MooreU20W  Northamptonshire Schs
10NTKerry MillerU20W  Northamptonshire Schs
PosPerfNameAG YearCoachClub 
1NTTabatha WalfordU15W-1Alex StantonBedford & County
2NTRhona GrantU17W  Northamptonshire Schs
3NTNiamh WatsonU17W  Northamptonshire Schs
4NTLily CarmichaelU17W  Northamptonshire Schs
5NTElana AlberyU17W1Shane SmithKettering
6NTSophie MossU15W-1Shane SmithKettering
7NTChloe HearneU15W-1Shane SmithKettering
8NTMollie WatsonU15W-1 Harborough
9NTBethan LewisU17W  Northamptonshire Schs
10NTElla PalmerU17W1Shane SmithKettering
11NTHannah WinstoneU17W1Shane SmithKettering
12NTLauren CunlidU17W  Northamptonshire Schs
13NTJessica CarterU17W  Northamptonshire Schs
14NTEllie RoseU17W  Northamptonshire Schs
15NTCharlotte CarterU17W  Northamptonshire Schs
16NTOrla PierceyU17W  Northamptonshire Schs
17NTRhian WilliamsU17W  Northamptonshire Schs
18NTEleanor ReesU17W  Northamptonshire Schs
19NTSophie LawsonU17W  Northamptonshire Schs
20NTEloiuse ShardlowU17W  Northamptonshire Schs
21NTAnnie SparkesU17W  Northamptonshire Schs
22NTNiamh ChippingtonU17W  Northamptonshire Schs
23NTKirsty MorrisU17W  Northamptonshire Schs
24NTRea ButlinU17W  Northamptonshire Schs
25NTArabella BrinkmanU17W  Northamptonshire Schs
26NTClaudia BarrU17W  Northamptonshire Schs
27NTKatie PridmoreU17W  Northamptonshire Schs
28NTNiamh RufflesU17W  Northamptonshire Schs
29NTAbigail HailsU17W  Northamptonshire Schs
PosPerfNameAG YearCoachClub 
1NTPoppy CarmichaelU15W1Neil GloverRugby & Northampton
2NTAmy WalkerU15W1 Rugby & Northampton
3NTEloise CoombsU15W1Bill BoydNithsdale/Northamptonshire Schs
4NTCharis HayesU15W1Neil GloverRugby & Northampton
5NTSelina ScottU15W1Bill BoydCorby
6NTAbigail PearceU13W-1 Rugby & Northampton
7NTJennifer RobinsonU15W  Northamptonshire Schs
8NTFreya StevensU15W  Northamptonshire Schs
9NTEmma BarkerU13W-1 Rugby & Northampton
10NTDannielle McCann-GaskellU15W1Shane SmithKettering
11NTLaura DewU15W  Northamptonshire Schs
12NTPenny MorsonU15W  Northamptonshire Schs
13NTDonna HeronU15W  Northamptonshire Schs
14NTRosie EdmundsU15W  Northamptonshire Schs
15NTLibby WardU15W  Northamptonshire Schs
16NTLucy StevensU13W-1 Rugby & Northampton
17NTCharlotte Kemsley PeinU15W  Northamptonshire Schs
18NTMyfawwy Flemming-JonesU15W  Northamptonshire Schs
19NTMelissa RobinsonU15W  Northamptonshire Schs
20NTJess MaybinU15W  Northamptonshire Schs
21NTEleanor AldermanU15W  Northamptonshire Schs
22NTNiamh MonaghanU15W  Northamptonshire Schs
23NTBeth AllenU15W  Northamptonshire Schs
24NTMillie KentU15W  Northamptonshire Schs
25NTLauren FinleyU15W  Northamptonshire Schs
26NTAlice Van RoyenU15W  Northamptonshire Schs
27NTMaya Patchett-SmythU15W  Northamptonshire Schs
28NTFreida KeeganU15W  Northamptonshire Schs
29NTHannah HorneU15W  Northamptonshire Schs
30NTElli BoultonU15W  Northamptonshire Schs
31NTLucy IronsU15W  Northamptonshire Schs
32NTNaomi LedingtonU15W2 Northamptonshire Schs
33NTAlice AveryU15W  Northamptonshire Schs
34NTLoleta SpencerU15W  Northamptonshire Schs
35NTEleanor WatsonU15W  Northamptonshire Schs
36NTRebekah HatfieldU15W  Northamptonshire Schs
37NTCharlotte IronsU15W  Northamptonshire Schs
38NTEllie DonnellyU15W  Northamptonshire Schs
39NTLara Sinclair BanksU15W  Northamptonshire Schs
40NTLeah BroadhurstU15W  Northamptonshire Schs
41NTMaddison FinchU15W  Northamptonshire Schs
42NTJessica WebbU15W  Northamptonshire Schs
43NTMolly RoseU15W  Northamptonshire Schs
44NTBeth SibleyU15W  Northamptonshire Schs
45NTEllie WatersU15W  Northamptonshire Schs
PosPerfNameAG YearCoachClub 
1NTMolly WilliamsU13W2Neil GloverRugby & Northampton
2NTElysia LayU13W1 Rugby & Northampton
3NTGaby PeckU13W1 Rugby & Northampton
4NTHolly WalkerU13W1 Rugby & Northampton
5NTClaudia SearleU11W-1 Rugby & Northampton
6NTOlivia ReevesU13W1 Rugby & Northampton
7NTRose CassidyU13W2 Rugby & Northampton
8NTDaisy RobinsonU13W  Northamptonshire Schs
9NTGeorgie JonesU13W  Northamptonshire Schs
10NTFreya BatkinU13W1Shane SmithKettering
11NTOlivia WilliamsU13W  Northamptonshire Schs
12NTPaige LiveseyU13W  Northamptonshire Schs
13NTMillie TouslandU13W  Northamptonshire Schs
14NTMerel HijinkU13W  Northamptonshire Schs
15NTFlo HooperU13W  Northamptonshire Schs
16NTIndia PhippsU13W2 Rugby & Northampton
17NTAmelia McMurtrieU13W1George JonesRugby & Northampton
18NTFenella DownsU13W  Northamptonshire Schs
19NTKatie RhoderU13W  Northamptonshire Schs
20NTJaisie BurnettU13W  Northamptonshire Schs
21NTElita SilinsU13W  Northamptonshire Schs
22NTRobyn HobbsU13W  Northamptonshire Schs
23NTIsabella LloydU13W  Northamptonshire Schs
24NTFaye RobinsonU13W  Northamptonshire Schs
25NTAnnie BeckwithU13W1Bill BoydCorby
26NTFlora Griffith-ThompsonU13W  Northamptonshire Schs
27NTLucy RoachU13W  Northamptonshire Schs
28NTAmy HoffmanU13W  Northamptonshire Schs
29NTHarriet Drake-LeeU13W  Northamptonshire Schs
30NTBlaine ConwayU13W  Northamptonshire Schs
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