Cardiff & the Vale of Glamorgan Middle Combined Events Championships
6 May 15
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PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
P1.65Harry Carter U17M1Stephen Leslie BaileyBarry & Vale1.751.91
P1.55Joseff WilliamsPBU17M1 Cardiff/Poole AC1.551.55
P1.55Benjamin CabangoSBU17M1 Cardiff Archers1.551.60
P1.50Max CunningtonPBU17M1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.501.50
P1.50Rob MorganPBU17M1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.501.50
P1.45Adam MalikSBU17M1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.451.53
P1.45Jac GouldSBU17M1 Barry & Vale1.451.53
P1.45Max BrayleyPBU17M1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.451.45
P1.45Cole BakerPBU17M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.551.55
P1.45Declan EllisSBU17M1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.451.58
P1.40Ioan DaviesPBU17M1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.401.40
P1.40Johan HoogendoornSBU17M1 Cardiff Archers1.551.55
P1.40Jamal AbdilahiPBU17M1Tim FryCardiff1.401.40
P1.35Matthew BeckettPBU17M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.351.35
P1.35Shaheer KareemPBU17M1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.351.35
P1.35Joseph BatteSBU17M1 Barry & Vale1.351.40
P1.35Samuel SnaithSBU17M1 Barry & Vale1.351.50
P1.30Angus MitchellPBU17M1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.301.30
P1.30Cameron BurkePBU17M1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.301.30
P1.30Saul ConnellyPBU17M1 Barry & Vale1.301.30
P1.25Nick LaiPBU17M1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.441.44
P1.25James ScaifePBU17M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.251.25
P1.25Harry RyanSBU17M1 Cardiff Archers1.251.28
P1.25Luke BeattiePBU17M1 Barry & Vale1.251.25
P1.20Ieuan LlewellynPBU17M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.201.20
P1.20Lucas ThomasPBU17M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.201.20
PNHEllis Simon U17M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs  
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
P1.50Sam WoodingPBU15M2 Cardiff Archers1.611.65
P1.45Beau Vincent U15M2 Cardiff1.551.55
P1.40Alexander GalePBU15M1 Cardiff Archers1.451.45
P1.40Joel CoughlinPBU15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.451.55
P1.40Simeon SantimaSBU15M1Mark GoldCardiff1.401.65
P1.40Tom EllisSBU15M1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.401.55
P1.40Harry GidmanPBU15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.401.40
P1.40Jordan Lewis U15M2 Cardiff Archers/Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.501.54
P1.40Reuben WilliamsSBU15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.401.60
P1.35Cameron RichardsPBU15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.351.35
P1.35Owen HarrhyPBU15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.351.35
P1.35Ben Whitlow U15M  C&V Sch  
P1.35Tom HartleyPBU15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.351.35
P1.35Dylan WoodheadSBU15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.351.55
P1.35Rhys JamesPBU15M2 Cardiff1.351.35
P1.35Tavis MaxwellPBU15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.351.35
P1.35Carter Prince ManningPBU23M8 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.351.75
P1.30Sam GreenPBU15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.301.30
P1.30Harry KirkhamPBU15M2 Cardiff Archers1.301.30
P1.30Gong SaenchanPBU15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.301.30
P1.30Panos KarrasPBU15M1 Cardiff Archers1.301.30
P1.30Dewi ParisPBU15M1Jeffrey HarwoodCardiff Archers1.411.41
P1.30Jonathan Gibson U15M1 Cardiff1.551.60
P1.30Ewan ReedPBU17M3 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.301.30
P1.30Jacob Maullin-DaviesPBU15M2 Cardiff Archers1.301.30
P1.30Casey DaviesPBU15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.301.30
P1.30Joshua WatkinsPBU15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.501.55
P1.25Luke ConnorPBU15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.251.25
P1.25Billy DaviesSBU15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.251.40
P1.25Theo CabangoPBU15M1 Cardiff Archers1.351.35
P1.25Mason GradyPBU15M1 Barry & Vale1.351.50
P1.25Oliver JamesPBSENM12 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.251.25
P1.25William ThomasPBU15M2 Carmarthen1.251.25
P1.25Ben Thomas U23M8 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.451.45
P1.25Samuel Maullin-DaviesPBU15M2 Cardiff Archers1.251.25
P1.25George RileyPBU15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.251.25
P1.25Tomos JackPBU15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.251.25
P1.25Lewys JohnPBU15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.251.25
P1.25Joe McCarthyPBU15M1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.251.25
P1.20Will CoustonPBU15M1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.201.20
P1.20Josh KloetPBU15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.201.20
P1.20William Rhys HowkinsPBU15M1 Cardiff1.201.20
P1.20Jack SpearPBU15M1 Cardiff Archers1.201.20
P1.20Tomas VassPBU15M2 Cardiff1.201.20
P1.20Seth KellyPBU15M2Liz DaviesCardiff1.201.20
P1.20Cameron LangSBU15M2 Barry & Vale1.201.25
P1.15Archie ScottSBU15M1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.151.35
P1.15Huw JonesPBU15M1Liz DaviesCardiff1.151.15
P1.15Alex WallPBU15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.151.15
P1.15Finley Barber U15M  C&V Sch  
P1.15Dan HarleyPBU15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.151.15
P1.10Joe RobertsPBU15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.101.10
P1.10Thomas ButtlePBU15M2 Cardiff Archers1.101.10
PNHJosh Batte U15M1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs  
PNHBen Moiqnard U15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs  
PDNSEthan Schembri U15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs  
PDNSGeorge Bruce U15M2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs  
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
P1.50Lauren Evans U17W1Nigel LewisCardiff1.691.72
P1.35Issy JenksPBU17W1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.351.35
P1.35Erin MansfieldPBU17W1 Cardiff Archers1.351.35
P1.25Caitlin ThomasPBU17W1 Cardiff1.251.25
P1.25Courtney BradyPBU17W2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.251.25
P1.20Charlotte Sterio U17W1 Cardiff1.251.25
P1.20Eleanor LewisPBU17W2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.201.20
P1.10Samantha ThomasPBU17W1 Cardiff1.101.10
P1.10Rhian JonesSBU17W2 Barry & Vale1.101.20
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
P1.45Shani EvansPBU15W2 Cardiff Archers1.571.57
P1.45Catrin JonesPBU15W1Stephen Leslie BaileyCardiff1.501.50
P1.40Eliza DurnallPBU15W2Gwyn JonesCardiff1.481.50
P1.40Angharad BroughtonSBU15W2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.401.45
P1.35Moli Beynon U15W2Stephen Leslie BaileyCardiff1.401.40
P1.35Sofia Vella U15W1Phil BanningCardiff1.411.55
P1.35Emma Martin U15W1Emma LyonsCardiff Archers1.451.54
P1.30Macy MorganPBU15W2 Cardiff Archers1.301.35
P1.30Ellie PetersonPBU15W2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.301.30
P1.30Megan Griffiths U15W2Gareth LeaseCardiff1.351.45
P1.30Caitlin Bevan U15W2 Cardiff Archers1.321.36
P1.25Carys BillPBU15W2Tim FryCardiff1.261.26
P1.25Grace Morgan U15W1Emma LyonsCardiff Archers1.381.53
P1.25Katie HiscoxPBU15W1 Cardiff Archers1.351.40
P1.20Charlotte TudorSBU15W1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.201.25
P1.20Anna BevanSBU15W1 Cardiff Archers1.201.25
P1.20Nia BoothPBU15W1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.351.35
P1.20Amber DimondPBU15W2 Barry & Vale1.201.20
P1.20Nayaab MalikPBU15W2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.201.20
P1.20Seren DaviesSBU15W2 Cardiff Archers1.201.23
P1.20Lucy WerrettPBU15W2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.201.20
P1.15Ffion MorganPBU15W2Lee McLarenCardiff Archers1.151.15
P1.15Jessica WadeyPBU15W2Phil BanningCardiff1.151.15
P1.15Roslyn TaylorPBU15W2 Cardiff Archers1.151.15
P1.15Caitlin TaylorSBU17W3 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.151.20
P1.15Phoebe WilliamsPBU15W2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.151.15
P1.15Stacey MountfordPBU15W2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.151.15
P1.15Aliyah Shore-NyePBU17W3 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.151.15
P1.15Ellie-Mai PlattPBU15W2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.151.15
P1.15Eve MordecaiSBU15W1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.151.25
P1.15Kathryn Woods U15W1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.201.25
P1.15Brooke Peterson U15W1 Barry & Vale1.301.30
P1.15Summer Allwood U15W2Gwyn JonesCardiff1.201.20
P1.10Elen JonesSBU15W1 Cardiff Archers1.101.45
P1.10Megan GriffithsPBU17W3 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.101.10
P1.10Tia RoachSBU15W1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.101.25
P1.10Laura AndersonPBU15W2 Cardiff Archers1.101.10
P1.10Elan ChidlowSBU15W2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.101.15
P1.10Mali PrydderchPBU15W2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.101.10
P1.10Eos RobertsSBU15W1 Cardiff Archers1.101.25
P1.10Caitlin Hockley U15W2 Cardiff Archers1.351.40
P1.10Alaw DonovanPBU15W2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.101.10
P1.10Angel OnwudiwePBU15W1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.101.10
P1.05Katie FryettSBU15W1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.051.10
P1.05Fiona AclanPBU15W2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.051.05
P1.05Bethan EdwardsPBU15W1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.051.05
P1.05Jessica GregorySBU15W1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.051.20
P1.05Taylor ThomasSBU15W1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.051.10
P1.05Cerys UnderdownPBU17W3 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.051.05
P1.05Pippa Davies U15W  C&V Sch  
P1.00Jasmine RowleyPBU15W2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs1.001.00
PNHSophie Taylor U15W1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs 1.00
PNHKatie Kirby-Jones U15W1 Cardiff & The Vale Schs 1.05
PNHHannah Carr U15W2 Cardiff & The Vale Schs  
PDNSCeri Williams U15W  C&V Sch  
PDNSLee Sanjo U15W  C&V Sch  
PDNSCelyn Osbourne U15W  C&V Sch