Gwent Leisure Centre League External Results
5 Feb 17
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PosACPerfNameAG YearCoachClub 
11NTDuncan BellV45M Lawson CochraneChepstow H/Willowfield
2 NTPaul WhiteV35M  Pont-Y-Pwl
3 NTBen SinclairV35M  Pont-Y-Pwl
41NTTerry WatkinsV40M  Pont-Y-Pwl
5 NTAlex TuckSENM  Chepstow H
6 NTSam Lewis-JonesSENM  Parc Bryn Bach
7 NTMartin NortonSENM  Lliswerry
8 NTMiles ThomasV35M  Lliswerry
9 NTMark MogfordV35M  Griffithstown/Caldicot
10 NTMarc BloomfieldSENM  Parc Bryn Bach
11 NTGareth JonesSENM  Griffithstown
12 NTMark HurfordV35M  Pont-Y-Pwl
13 NTIestyn RhodesV35M  Pont-Y-Pwl
14 NTAlun WoodV35M  Pont-Y-Pwl
152NTAndrew LeeV40M  Pont-Y-Pwl
163NTJon BelcherV40M  Lliswerry
17 NTMartyn WinserV35M  Chepstow H
18 NTCraig CheedySENM  Pont-Y-Pwl
194NTKarie AtkinsV40M  Chepstow H
201NTSimon LewisV50M  Parc Bryn Bach
21 NTRoss WalkerSENM  Chepstow
22 NTGareth JonesV35M  Usk
23 NTDavid RichardsonSENM  Pont-Y-Pwl
242NTPhilip BoormanV45M  Lliswerry
255NTRichard LittleV40M  Caerleon
261NTPaul DoddV55M  Chepstow H
273NTJonathan CarterV45M  Chepstow H
286NTPaul BrutonV40M  Lliswerry
29 NTDarryl Douglas Donald CookV35M  Parc Bryn Bach
30 NTRicci WattsSENM  Pont-Y-Pwl
31 NTPaul HaywardV35M  Islwyn
32 NTJack RowlandsSENM  Lliswerry
332NTDamian WilliamsV50M  Parc Bryn Bach
34 NTAdrian BullSENM  Usk
354NTRobert DaviesV45M  Lliswerry
365NTGareth BeckV50M  Lliswerry
37 NTJoshua JonesSENM  Griffithstown
38 NTIeuan SmithU20M  Lliswerry
39 NTRyan WhatleySENM  Lliswerry
40 NTDave RennickSENM  Pont-Y-Pwl
417NTMatthew KitchingV40M  Chepstow H
423NTGary JonesV50M  Pont-y-Pwl
43 NTJoshua CashellU20M  Parc Bryn Bach
44 NTJames BloreSENM  Chepstow H
45 NTIeuan KingstonV35M  Pont-Y-Pwl
46 NTSimon GillV35M  Lliswerry
47 NTPeter TownsendV35M  Pont-Y-Pwl
48 NTDan ReillySENM  Lliswerry
494NTRob BevesV50M  Chepstow H
506NTBrian EvansV45M  Monmouth
518NTNicholas WalshV45M  Griffithstown
52 NTMike RiddSENM  Lliswerry
53 NTGareth DaviesV35M  Pont-Y-Pwl
54 NTRichard James HughesV35M  Caerleon
55 NTMartin ChammingsV35M  Parc Bryn Bach
567NTMike ThurgoodV45M  Caerleon
579NTChris O'BrienV40M  Pont-Y-Pwl
58 NTMatthew TrinderSENM  Parc Bryn Bach
598NTMatthew LawsonV45M  Chepstow H
60 NTMatthew WebbV35M  Pont-Y-Pwl
611NTSteve OwenV60M  Chepstow H
625NTHaydn HartnellV50M  Islwyn
632NTJohn FosterV55M  Lliswerry
6410NTDamian CaswellV40M  Parc Bryn Bach
659NTLee DeanV45M  Usk
6610NTAndrew DickensV45M  Pont-Y-Pwl
67 NTMartin JonesV40M  Islwyn
68 NTDavid WheelerSENM  Chepstow H
691NTPhil MilesV65M  Parc Bryn Bach
706NTIan DaviesV50M  Parc Bryn Bach
71 NTPaul MasonV35M  Griffithstown
727NTAdrian GwilliamV50M  Fairwater
7311NTMichael SkyrmeV45M  Fairwater
748NTDimitri Vorr├ęsV50M  Pont-y-Pwl
753NTJon HancockV60M  Usk
769NTRussell FinchV50M  Monmouth
77 NTRobert GaleV35M  Parc Bryn Bach
7811NTSteven Matthew LaneV40M  Islwyn
792NTPeter RodgerV60M  Caerleon
8012NTStephen CocoranV45M  Pont-y-Pwl
8110NTHoward Charles MasonV50M  Caerleon
82 NTArran VincentSENM  Pont-Y-Pwl
83 NTJack ThomasSENM  Lliswerry
84 NTGareth HowellsSENM  Caerleon
85 NTSimon BurnsSENM  Fairwater
8611NTSteve HarrhyV50M  Pont-Y-Pwl
8712NTMartin BussellV50M  Islwyn
88 NTLee GriffithsV35M  Parc Bryn Bach
8913NTKevin DupeV50M  Caerleon
9013NTKirk HillV45M  Monmouth
9112NTAlan DobbsV40M  Chepstow H
9214NTIan LineV45M  Parc Bryn Bach
932NTPaul DayV65M  Lliswerry
943NTTony FidoV60M  Lliswerry
954NTGerry AshtonV60M  Chepstow H
96 NTPaul HarveyV35M  Pont-Y-Pwl
9714NTNeil WilliamsV50M  Caerleon
9813NTGrant Paul WakemanV40M  Islwyn
99 NTRichard RobertsSENM  Griffithstown
10015NTDavid WebsterV50M  Lliswerry
10115NTBarry EvansV45M  Chepstow H
10216NTRod WyattV45M  Monmouth
103 NTRhys ThomasV35M  Griffithstown
1044NTIan WhatmoughV55M  Lliswerry
1055NTChris DaviesV55M  Lliswerry
1066NTChristopher JonesV55M  Lliswerry
10717NTJason DixonV45M  Islwyn
10816NTMartin BlakebroughV50M  Monmouth
109 NTGareth BakerV35M  Islwyn
11017NTRobert NoonV50M  Usk
11118NTRob SymonsV50M  Fairwater
1125NTCyril WilliamsV60M  Parc Bryn Bach
11318NTLee RichardsV45M  Islwyn
11414NTNeil WalkerV40M  Usk
11519NTBob WatsonV45M  Lliswerry
1166NTPaul DursleyV60M  Lliswerry
11720NTJeremy CreaseyV45M  Monmouth
11821NTJustin PocknellV45M  Caerleon
119 NTLloyd HughesSENM  Caerleon
1203NTDavid SmoutV65M  Parc Bryn Bach
1217NTStuart DuncanV55M  Chepstow H
122 NTCarl RobertsV35M  Pont-Y-Pwl
12322NTAnthony LewisV45M  Parc Bryn Bach
1248NTMartyn JenkinsV55M  Fairwater
125 NTMatt ToobySENM  Caerleon
12619NTRichard M BowieV50M  Fairwater
12715NTGareth BarringtonV40M  Lliswerry
12820NTPeter OlivierV50M  Caerleon
12916NTDavid BrownV40M  Lliswerry
130 NTSamuel JacksonSENM  Parc Bryn Bach
13121NTKelvin HenleyV50M  Pont-Y-Pwl
13217NTTerry VaughanV40M  Parc Bryn Bach
133 NTSimon TangV35M  Caerleon
1349NTPhilip HyattV55M  Caerleon
1357NTAndrew TaylorV60M  Caerleon
1364NTGlyn HicksV65M  Islwyn
13718NTRobert TudhopeV40M  Lliswerry
1388NTKevin McEnteeV60M  Chepstow H
13919NTSteve WilliamsV40M  Lliswerry
14022NTTim WrightV50M  Lliswerry
14120NTMorris UrquahartV40M  Caerleon
14221NTDaniel NewtonV40M  Pont-Y-Pwl
14322NTSteven PhillipsV40M  Islwyn
1445NTHoward Martin AttwoodV65M  Lliswerry
14523NTMark ProsserV40M  Fairwater
14610NTTimothy MurphyV55M  Fairwater
14724NTDarren PriceV40M  Islwyn
1489NTMike EvansV60M  Forest of Dean/Chepstow H
14911NTGraham SimpsonV55M  Usk
15025NTDaniel LaneV40M  Lliswerry
15126NTDesmond JonesV40M  Lliswerry
15227NTGareth PopeV40M  Islwyn
15323NTChristopher HillV50M  Lliswerry
1546NTColin DixonV65M  Islwyn
15512NTPaul WattsV55M  Lliswerry
15610NTJohn HillV65M  Lliswerry
157 NTRichard CookV35M  Griffithstown
15824NTNigel RichardsV50M  Lliswerry
15928NTJohn StoneV40M  Lliswerry
PosACPerfNameAG YearCoachClub 
1 NTCarl ElliottV70M2 Lliswerry
2 NTDick FinchV70M3 Chepstow H
PosACPerfNameAG YearCoachClub 
11NTKatherine MatthewsV35W  Chepstow H
2 NTLauren CooperU23W Nicola Haines-JonesParc Bryn Bach/Cardiff Uni
3 NTNicky CollinSENW  Lliswerry
4 NTEmma WookeyU23W  Lliswerry
52NTSarah BellV35W  Chepstow H
61NTJane HorlerV45W  Chepstow H
72NTNiki MorganV45W  Chepstow H
83NTNicola JukesV45W  Parc Bryn Bach
9 NTBethan HawksleySENW  Pont-Y-Pwl
104NTLisa JeffreyV45W  Chepstow H
11 NTVictoria HobbsSENW  Lliswerry
12 NTRebecca RothwellSENW  Lliswerry
133NTLaura GreyV35W  Monmouth
144NTSamantha ToopV35W  Pont-Y-Pwl/Army
155NTLisa GriffinV35W  Pont-Y-Pwl
161NTJulie CashellV40W  Parc Bryn Bach
17 NTAntoinette DumayneSENW  Lliswerry/Swansea Uni
185NTLou SummersV45W  Pont-Y-Pwl
196NTSharon NewellV45W  Pont-Y-Pwl
206NTRachel BowenV35W  Lliswerry
217NTAnne HarrisV45W  Parc Bryn Bach/Pont-Y-Pwl
227NTDanielle SapsfordV35W  Chepstow H
232NTEsther BarrettV40W  Chepstow H
24 NTRoseann CharlesU23W  Griffithstown
25 NTCharlotte RalphSENW  Lliswerry
268NTJan MorrisV45W  Chepstow H
278NTMarina WrightV35W  Lliswerry
281NTJeanette JenkinsV55W  Fairwater
299NTLouise BrightV35W  Pont-Y-Pwl
301NTJane BeresfordV50W  Monmouth
312NTSharon WoodsV55W  Pont-Y-Pwl
329NTPaula WilliamsV50W  Caerleon
33 NTHolly Janes-ThomasSENW  Pont-Y-Pwl
3410NTRiannon Sian GriffinV40W  Parc Bryn Bach
35 NTElinor PhillipsSENW  Lliswerry
3611NTEmma KingV35W  Monmouth
372NTNicola SmithV50W  Pont-y-Pwl
38 NTKim CarwardineSENW  Chepstow H
3912NTKatharine CollinsV35W  Parc Bryn Bach
4010NTJulie Seren LewisV45W  Islwyn
411NTJoyce DoddV60W  Chepstow H
4211NTEmma DaviesV45W  Monmouth
4312NTSophie GilbertV45W  Chepstow H
443NTGayle SheppardV40W  Lliswerry
45 NTSian PriceSENW  Parc Bryn Bach
4613NTJulie RocheV45W  Fairwater
4714NTDaniella GormleyV45W  Griffithstown
483NTAN Other      
494NTLiz RichardsV50W  Caerleon
50 NTBethan RichardsonSENW  Pont-Y-Pwl
5113NTKimberley PriceV35W  Parc Bryn Bach
525NTAnne Rice-JonesV50W  Islwyn
53 NTJemma ReardonSENW  Islwyn
54 NTCarys-Sian MalarczykSENW  Islwyn
554NTHayley JacksonV40W  Parc Bryn Bach
5614NTErika LloydV35W  Pont-Y-Pwl
575NTSharon CarrafaV40W  Islwyn
586NTSonja BreeseV40W  Lliswerry
597NTMichelle JayneV40W  Parc Bryn Bach
6015NTJane LewisV45W  Fairwater
611NTBrenda AveryV65W  Chepstow H/Welsh Masters
6216NTLouise KirbyV45W  Parc Bryn Bach
63 NTCharlotte ReesSENW  Griffithstown
6415NTGemma WelsherV35W  Usk
652NTSue AshtonV60W  Chepstow H
66 NTAngharad WilliamsSENW  Lliswerry
6716NTGemma BevesV35W  Chepstow H
6817NTMichelle DaveyV45W  Pont-Y-Pwl
6917NTEmma WeavingV35W  Pont-Y-Pwl
70 NTGemma AcremanSENW  Lliswerry
718NTKate AllenV40W  Pont-Y-Pwl
7218NTKeren BeardV45W  Griffithstown
733NTVal ClareV55W  Lliswerry
74 NTMoira WoolesV35W  Lliswerry
7519NTTracey BarringtonV45W  Lliswerry
766NTKathy EvansV50W  Usk
7720NTMary ScourfieldV45W  Caerleon
7821NTMel ShiptonV45W  Lliswerry
7918NTHel WilliamsV35W  Islwyn
807NTJanet EvansV50W  Usk
818NTSusan WebsterV50W  Lliswerry
8219NTLouise QuatermassV35W  Lliswerry
8320NTSian PearceV35W  Islwyn
849NTKaren JamesV40W  Griffithstown
85 NTLauren ReesSENW  Griffithstown
869NTJanet RichardsV50W  Lliswerry
87 NTAmanda HamSENW  Islwyn
8810NTJenny BradfieldV40W  Griffithstown
894NTYvonne ForseyV55W  Lliswerry
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