Merseyside County Championships External Results
St Helens
7 Jan 17
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PosACPerfNameAG CoachClub 
1 41:02Dejene GezimuU23MAnthony ClarkeLiverpool H
2141:03Richard BurneyV40M Liverpool H
3 42:50James TarttSENMChristopher MulvaneySouthport Waterloo
4 43:03Ben JohnsonSENM Southport Waterloo/Loughborough Students/Shettlest
5 43:07Phil RobertsonSENMIan McBainSale Harriers Manchester
6 43:08Ciaran WalshSENMChristopher MulvaneySouthport Waterloo/Keele Uni
7 43:34Patrick VisSENM Leeds City/Leeds Uni/Southport Waterloo
8243:41Martin SwenssonV40M Penny Lane
9344:24Mark DunhamV35M Southport Waterloo
10 44:32Joseph VisSENMPaul RodenSale Harriers Manchester/Manchester Uni
11144:41David HamiltonV45M Southport Waterloo
12 45:20Lee SiemaszkoSENM Liverpool H
13 45:27Matthew CrehanSENM St. Helens Sutton
14 45:58Richard EvansU23MEddie WhiteLiverpool H/Liverpool John Moores Uni
15446:04Mark WynneV40MMark BleasdaleLiverpool Pembroke Sefton
16546:19Rob GranthamV40M Pensby/Police
17246:23John HuntV50M Dark Peak/Wirral
18346:29Alan AshtonV45M Liverpool H
19647:22Mark ClairV35MDavid EvansKnowsley
20 47:29Jon-Jo DohertySENM St. Helens Striders
21 47:34Connor McArdleSENM Wallasey/Loughborough Students
22 47:50Laurie LuscombeSENM Liverpool H/Manchester Uni
23 48:03Lawrence EcclesSENM Penny Lane
25 48:21Alistair RutherfordU23MDavid LawrenceBirchfield H/Birmingham City Uni/Mossley Hill
26748:23Lee MidghallV40M Liverpool H
27848:34Mark HulmstonV40M Wirral
28 48:36Greg JonesSENM Wallasey
29448:41Stephen SpenceV45M Wirral
30 48:55Chris PownellSENMDavid EvansKnowsley
31149:08Tony BarbatV55M Wallasey
24 49:19David BrockwaySENM Wirral/University of Cumbria
32 49:19Ryan WhistonU23MAnthony ClarkeLiverpool H
33949:20Alex CowinV35M Penny Lane
341049:28Mike GreenV40M Wallasey
35549:42Bernie MurphyV50M Liverpool Pembroke Sefton
361149:55Dale HighamV35MAnthony ClarkeLiverpool H
37 50:03Harley HenshawU23M Wirral
381250:05Alistair MalpasV35M Pensby
391350:07Phil RidingV40M Penny Lane
401450:12Daniel MorganV35MSimon FoxWirral
411550:25Matt GoodwinV35M Pensb
42 50:41William FergusonSENM Wirral/Unattached
43 50:51Greg WilliamsSENM St. Helens Sutton
44 51:00Alex RigbySENM Liverpool RC
45251:14Chris PedderV55M Liverpool Pembroke Sefton/Northern Masters
461651:23Colin DobbsV40M Penny Lane
47651:56Peter RoomeV50M Southport Waterloo
48 52:17Robert GarthSENM Penny Lane
49752:23Richard TalbotV45M Southport Waterloo
501752:31John HalsonV55M Liverpool Pembroke Sefton
51852:35Ian CostelloV45M St. Helens Sutton
52 52:37Michael KellySENM Wallasey
53952:40John SpracklandV50M Southport Waterloo
54352:58Patrik CorriganV55M Pensby
551853:00Kev OuttenV40M St. Helens Striders
56 53:04Richard BarghSENM Wirral
571053:08Mark ScottV50M Liverpool RC
581153:28Simon FoxV50M Wirral
591953:31M CallaghanV35M KirM
60453:35Robert JohnsonV60M Southport Waterloo
61 53:52Ralph PawlingSENM Pensby
622053:55Barry GraneyV45M St. Helens Sutton
63 54:03Danny GilbodySENM Liverpool Pembroke Sefton
64 54:08Jack PolandSENM Wallasey
65 54:10Dean WilsonV40M Liverpool RC/North York Moors
66 54:48Mark RileySENMPhilip ThomasSt. Helens Striders
67 54:57Joseph ChedgzoySENM Kirkby Milers
682155:01Phil DabnerV45M Wallasey
692255:08Simone CapponiV40M Penny Lane
70 55:12John JensenV40M Penny Lane
711255:19Kenneth DayV35M Kirkby Milers
72 55:28Jake HealySENM St. Helens Sutton
73 55:37Gary WiltonV35M Kirkby Milers
74 55:38Phil BirdV50M Wallasey
752355:40Thomas RimmerSENM Penny Lane
762455:48Carl McmahonV40M Southport Waterloo
771355:58Andrew BoulgerV45M Kirkby Milers
781456:09Robert BurkeV50M Liverpool RC
792556:16Robert WoodV55M Liverpool Pembroke Sefton
80 56:25Peter FraserV35M Wirral
81 56:57Tadie AbekiV40M Knowsley
82 56:59Michael StoneV55M Wirral
83 57:17Andrew GaskellV45M Spectrum
84 57:18David HoughtonV35M Kirkby Milers
85 57:31Andie GowV65M Pensby
862657:39Ian RiversV45M Kirkby Milers
872758:05D BriscoV35M SHS
88 58:08S RobertsonSENM SHS
891558:12Graham CushionV40M Liverpool RC
90 58:23Jeremie Le-NormandV35M Wallasey
91558:37James WarburtonSENM Kirkby Milers
92 58:49Ian ChisnallV40M St. Helens Striders
932859:00Andrew O'ConnorV55M St. Helens Sutton
942959:11Keith SwiftV40MChristopher MulvaneySouthport Waterloo
951659:13Billy MerrittV50M Knowsley
963059:45Dominic RobertsV35M Pensby
97 59:50Paul BoothV35M St. Helens Striders
983160:17Andrew GlenV50M Knowsley
993260:52Dave McAlisterV55M Wallasey
1003361:03Lee MooreSENM Kirkby Milers
1013461:53Robert ChalmersV35M Pensby
102 61:56George PierceV45M Liverpool RC
103 61:58Paul AlexanderV55M Pensby
104 62:16Richard ShayleV45M Pensby
105662:18Tony HolmesV55M Liverpool RC
1063562:23Paul ThelwellV60M Wallasey
1071763:32Derek McArdleV50M Wallasey
108 64:14Paul CopeV35M Kirkby Milers
1091865:12Stephen SaundersV50M Pensby
1103665:14Peter MedlicottV40M St. Helens Striders
1111965:27Roy FisherV65M Pensby
112 67:44Mike DoddSENM St. Helens Striders
1132067:56Ray VoseV50M St. Helens Sutton
114768:04Paul HargateV40M St. Helens Striders
1153768:11Nigel HowardV50M Pensby
116 68:23James RobertsSENM Penny Lane
1172169:52Mark FillinghamV45M St. Helens Striders
1193870:03John LingardV65M St. Helens Striders
1182270:07Tony GreenV60M Penny Lane
120870:31Nigel PrattenV70M Pensby
121971:18Keith MarsdenV55M Wallasey
1223971:32D JonesV35M KirM
1234073:03Adrian PridgeonV35M St. Helens Striders
124 74:28Gary WardSENM St. Helens Striders
1252375:56Peter BruntV50M Wallasey
1262478:42Andrew WebsterV50M Knowsley
1274181:52John GuyV40M Penny Lane