Guernsey New Year’s Day Handicap External Results
Rocque Balan
1 Jan 18
2.75MXC 4.75MXC 

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PosMWPerfNameAG CoachClub 
1117:47Summer WoodheadU13WAlun WilliamsGuernsey
2 19:05Jack Le TissierU13M Guernsey
3 19:12Ryan MoroneyU13M Guernsey
4219:38Kate BainU13WAlun WilliamsGuernsey
5 19:49Rio GaudionU13M Guernsey
6 20:20James GoubertU13M Guernsey
7 20:48George GoubertU13M Guernsey
8321:04Jayden CreberU15W Guernsey
9 21:27Samuel MontgomeryU13M Guernsey
10 21:52Troy VidamourU13M Guernsey
11 22:28Ilan GodetU15M Guernsey
12423:45Sarah CreberU13W Guernsey
PosMWPerfNameAG CoachClub 
1 28:23Peter AmyV35MLee MerrienGuernsey
2 29:13James De GarisV35M Guernsey
3 29:43Richard HannSENM Guernsey
4 29:51Richard TanguaySENM Guernsey
5 30:16Tom ShawSENM Guernsey
6 31:23Nick MannSENM Guernsey
7 32:11Sam LesleyU23M UW Aberystwyth/St. Andrews Uni/Guernsey
8 32:15Charlie ThompsonSENM Guernsey
9 32:20Warwick HelpsV40MWarwick HelpsGuernsey/Welsh Masters
10 32:22Clint KingV35M Guernsey
11 32:25Chris TraversSENM Guernsey
12 32:33Rob GregsonSENM Guernsey
13 32:40Isaac PowersU17MJ-P BissonGuernsey
14 32:48Ben FooteSENM Guernsey
15 32:50Stuart Le NourySENM Guernsey
16 32:59Ed RochaSENM Guernsey
17 33:22Ethan WoodheadSENM Guernsey
18 33:31Mark PizzeyV45M Guernsey
19 33:49David WoodheadSENM Guernsey
20 33:49Will CandySENM Unattached
21 34:12Adam SkinnerSENM Guernsey
22 34:15Richard WickensSENM Guernsey
23 34:20Tom NicholsSENM Guernsey
24 34:24George NicholsSENM Guernsey
25 34:41Danny BlakeV40M Guernsey
26134:50Katie SilvaSENW Guernsey
27 34:51Shane De JerseySENM Guernsey
28 35:04Mikey IngrouilleU17MJ-P BissonGuernsey
29235:11Alice LoveridgeSENW Guernsey
30 35:11Will ThompsonSENM Guernsey
31 35:33Richard StapleyV45M Guernsey
32 36:00Matt Le HurarySENM Guernsey
33336:00Vanessa RodriguesSENW Guernsey
34 36:26Rick FrolichSENM Guernsey
35 36:49Tim AndrewsSENM Guernsey
36 37:18Paul BlackmoreSENM Guernsey
37 37:23Bob GallagherSENM Guernsey
38437:23Caroline E CreedV50W Guernsey
39 37:25Chris ChalmersV55M Guernsey
40 37:26Matt JoyceSENM Guernsey
41 37:37Daniel HunterV40M Guernsey
42 37:42Markus WestSENM Guernsey
43 37:45Ross Le BrunSENM Guernsey
44 38:05Michel DavySENM Guernsey
45 38:06Richard DavisSENM Guernsey
46 38:07Daz CarreSENM Guernsey
47538:38Rosie WilliamsSENW Guernsey
48 38:50Jason PowersSENM Guernsey
49 38:50Bart Stratford HallSENM Guernsey
50638:54Karen FarmanSENW Guernsey
51739:24Helene HerveSENW Guernsey
52 39:29Will GreenSENM Guernsey
53839:55Mel NicoleSENW Guernsey
54 40:28Paul LavinV45M Guernsey
55 40:33Chris DoreyV60M Guernsey
56 40:35Chris JamesSENM Guernsey
57941:21Julie ChesterSENW Guernsey
58 41:30JP MaceSENM Guernsey
59 41:57Johnathon CreaseySENM Guernsey
601042:38Sarah WrightSENW Guernsey
61 42:59Jeanne SvejstrupSENM Guernsey
621143:02Julie LawlorV70W Unattached
63 43:16Kevin Le NourySENM Guernsey
641243:30Vicky JoyceSENW Guernsey
65 44:44Richard TostevinV45M Guernsey
661345:46Gill QuigleyV50W Guernsey
671445:54Cath BirnieSENW Guernsey
68 46:47Ken WrigleySENM Guernsey
691547:19Tess MurphySENW Guernsey
70 48:54Sam IngrouilleSENM Guernsey
711649:19Claire DoonanSENW Guernsey
72 50:16Terry HarndenV55M Guernsey
731752:09Lisa MahySENW Guernsey
741859:59Sarah CroweSENW Guernsey
751959:59Verity MahrerSENW Guernsey
76 61:41Toby BirchV45M Guernsey