BMAF - British Masters Championships External Results
4-5 Jul 09
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200 (5 Jul)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
123.00-0.1Mark CollinsSBV35M Luton/Southern Counties Vets/Harrow23.0022.44
223.16-0.1Bernard Ward V35MStephen BallTrafford22.622.6
323.71-0.1Draco Mkpa V35M Kingston & Poly/Southern Counties Vets23.323.00
423.72-0.1Michael CulshawPBV35M Grimsby/Northern Masters23.7223.72
523.79-0.1Martin White V35M Mansfield/Midland Masters23.6123.0
200 A (5 Jul)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
123.39-0.3Chris Millard V40M North Somerset/Welsh Masters22.922.15
223.73-0.3Anthony Leigh V40M Crewe & Nantwich/Midland Masters/City of Stoke23.321.60
324.29-0.3Scott Dorset V40M Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow/Southern Counties V24.021.4
424.67-0.3Lincoln Campbell V40M East Grinstead/Southern Counties Vets24.4523.25
525.58-0.3Neville WarnkePBV40M Northern Masters25.5825.58
200 B (5 Jul)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
124.47-1.1Wayne WhittakerPBV40M Trafford24.4724.47
225.09-1.1Raphael SmithSBV40M Midland Masters/Notts25.0924.9
325.54-1.1Keith Palmer V40M Southend/Eastern Masters24.921.5
425.67-1.1Leeroy GoldingSBV40M Pendle/Northern Masters25.124.90
526.46-1.1Barrington King V40MRohan SamuelHarrow/Southern Counties Vets26.3425.4
200 A (5 Jul)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
123.71-2.4Dalton Powell V45MMark DunwellNotts/Midland Masters23.1022.45
224.28-2.4Pat Logan V45MChuck IsettsKingston & Poly/Southern Counties Vets23.7623.40
324.33-2.4Donald BrownPBV45MLeon BraithwaiteNorthern Masters/Royal Sutton Coldfield23.3723.37
424.59-2.4Kwei SankofaSBV50M Herne Hill/Southern Counties Vets24.5923.7
525.11-2.4Glen Reddington V45M Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow/Southern Counties V24.5024.50
625.20-2.4Christopher Ashmore V45M Mansfield/Midland Masters24.724.4
200 B (5 Jul)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
124.70-0.6Mike Vassiliou V45MMichael WestEnfield & Haringey/Veterans24.324.23
224.86-0.6Paul WilliamsSBV45M City of Stoke24.824.75
325.31-0.6Tony Noel V45M Cheltenham/Midland Masters25.0823.9
426.39-0.6Paul Ttereve V45MLewis SamuelCity of Sheffield/Midland Masters26.0525.7
528.37-0.6Michael May V45MChuck IsettsKingston & Poly/Veterans27.3426.9
200 (5 Jul)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
124.52-0.6John Wright V50M Chorley AC (defunct)/Northern Masters24.0223.28
224.69-0.6Peter Hickey V50M Northern Masters/Trafford24.223.5
324.76-0.6Alastair DuncanSBV50MKay ReynoldsRadley/Southern Counties Vets24.7624.60
425.21-0.6Philip McWilliamSBV50M City of Sheffield/Northern Masters24.924.4
525.91-0.6Malcolm Bramhall V50MDenise TimmisLincoln Wellington/Eastern Masters25.624.50
626.43-0.6Ian Broadhurst V50M Wrexham/Northern Masters25.124.35
726.91-0.6Roderick Davies V50M Team Southampton/Southern Counties Vets/Windsor Sl25.925.9
-DNF-0.6Ian Scholes V50M Trafford/Northern Masters25.724.36
200 h1 (5 Jul)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
124.27 John WrightSBV50M Chorley AC (defunct)/Northern Masters24.0223.28
224.69 Peter Hickey V50M Northern Masters/Trafford24.223.5
324.82 Alastair DuncanSBV50MKay ReynoldsRadley/Southern Counties Vets24.7624.60
425.10 Philip McWilliamSBV50M City of Sheffield/Northern Masters24.924.4
526.05 Malcolm Bramhall V50MDenise TimmisLincoln Wellington/Eastern Masters25.624.50
626.32 Roderick Davies V50M Team Southampton/Southern Counties Vets/Windsor Sl25.925.9
727.89 Tony FosterSBV50M Leamington27.8925.6
200 h2 (5 Jul)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
124.74-2.0Jeff Battista V50M Boston/Northern Masters23.923.84
225.77-2.0Eric SmartSBV50M Gateshead/North East Vets24.5122.63
325.84-2.0Ian Broadhurst V50M Wrexham/Northern Masters25.124.35
426.22-2.0Ian Scholes V50M Trafford/Northern Masters25.724.36
526.81-2.0Brian SlaughterSBV50M Eastbourne/Southern Counties Vets/Marshall Milton 26.226.02
627.04-2.0Clive Pengelly V50M Newquay & Par/South West Vets26.3925.50
727.10-2.0Clem Leon V50M Blackheath & Bromley/Southern Counties Vets26.6626.4
827.37-2.0Dougie Donald V50M Midland Masters24.7024.67
200 (5 Jul)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
124.12-1.3Steve Peters V55M Boston/Northern Masters23.5021.9
226.02-1.3Les PercivalSBV55M Paddock Wood/Eastern Masters/West Norfolk26.025.94
326.12-1.3Tom Phillips V55M Blackheath & Bromley/Southern Counties Vets25.1222.7
426.38-1.3Douglas Lucas V55M Cambridge H/Veterans25.925.3
526.87-1.3Peter Mould V55M Bromsgrove & Redditch26.725.7
629.96-1.3Alan PerryPBV55M Harrow/Veterans29.9629.6
200 (5 Jul)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
126.76-0.7Robert FraserSBV60M Herne Hill/Southern Counties Vets26.7625.61
227.44-0.7Tony Wells V60M Corby/Eastern Masters27.0026.19
327.71-0.7Victor NovellSBV60M Team Southampton/Southern Counties Vets27.727.32
427.89-0.7Derek Wardle V60M Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow/Veterans27.427.1
528.95-0.7Bruce Hendrie V60M Banbury/Midland Masters/Oxford City27.7426.9
629.83-0.7Lawrie Dunn V60M Notts/Midland Masters/Leamington29.1829.18
731.02-0.7David Whittaker V60M Epsom & Ewell/Veterans29.826.7
832.05-0.7Charles BurkeSBV60M New Marske/North East Vets32.0530.4
200 (5 Jul)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
126.98 Terry BissettSBV65M Epsom & Ewell/Southern Counties Vets26.7224.9
227.49 Laurence OldfieldSBV65M Worcester/Midland Masters27.4925.86
328.24 John HensonSBV65M City of Sheffield28.2423.26
428.24 Patsy ForbesPBV65M Mid Ulster/Ireland28.0128.01
529.05 Chuck IsettsSBV65M Kingston & Poly/Veterans/United States29.0527.8
629.61 Richard Stanton V65M Scottish Vets H28.8128.81
731.24 Joseph LewisSBV65M Midland Masters31.2431.06
200 (5 Jul)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
130.21-1.3Tony CrockerSBV70M Midland Masters/Droitwich30.2127.20
230.23-1.3Alan Carter V70M Enfield & Haringey/Eastern Masters29.628.77
330.75-1.3Don ChambersSBV70M Veterans/Australia30.7530.2
200 (5 Jul)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
132.85 George Cheetham V75M Corby/Midland Masters31.1429.76
236.57 Hubert DanielsSBV75M Welsh Masters/Swansea36.5735.72
337.02 Geoffrey FeastSBV75M Veterans37.0233.70
437.33 Peter DibbSBV75M Longwood/Northern Masters37.3335.7
200 (5 Jul)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
126.73-1.8Sharon Wilkinson V35WAlan ApplebyPreston/Civil Service/Northern Masters26.1026.10
227.28-1.8Gia Skervin V35W Notts/Midland Masters26.926.4
328.12-1.8Amanda Broadhurst V35W Wrexham/Northern Masters27.7026.83
429.28-1.8Louise Oliver V35WJoseph McDonnell ☘️Radley/Headington/Southern Counties Vets28.627.4
530.67-1.8Katy WilliamsPBV35W Kettering/Midland Masters30.6729.69
631.96-1.8Penny BarberPBV35W Medway & Maidstone31.9631.2
200 (5 Jul)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
128.02-1.2Karen Hindle V40W Diss27.7827.50
228.50-1.2Fiona PalmerSBV40W Notts/Midland Masters28.5027.2
329.30-1.2Angie Underdown V40W St. Edmund Pacers/Eastern Masters/Enfield & Haring27.6727.41
429.61-1.2Michele WakefieldPBV40W Southampton/Southern Counties Vets28.928.53
200 (5 Jul)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
127.590.6Kirstin King V45WHarry KingBracknell AC/Southern Counties Vets27.5826.22
227.830.6Jayne Willock V45W Luton27.0927.09
328.710.6Lesley WillisSBV45W Rugby & Northampton/Midland Masters28.5528.0
429.310.6Angela Beadnall V45W Middlesbrough & Cleveland/North East Vets29.328.18
529.450.6Denise TimmisSBV45W Lincoln Wellington/Eastern Masters29.4527.7
629.730.6Gaye Clarke V45W Ryston/Eastern Masters29.228.2
729.950.6Kerry Scudder V45W Newbury/Veterans29.528.5
830.060.6Angela KellySBV45W Giffnock North/Scottish Vets H30.0629.19
200 (5 Jul)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
129.01-1.6Jane Horder V50WAndrew BeadleCheltenham/Midland Masters28.327.43
229.81-1.6Lynn Talbert V50W Thurrock/Newham & Essex Beagles/Southern Counties 29.4229.16
330.71-1.6Joan Trimble V50W Kingston & Poly/Southern Counties Vets30.328.82
431.26-1.6Carol AlkerPBV50W Luton31.2630.6
532.39-1.6Christine Salvary V50W Trent Park/Southern Counties Vets31.831.52
634.91-1.6Lorraine Benton V50W Leamington33.5033.50
200 (5 Jul)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
129.14-1.7Joylyn Saunders-Mullins V55WNadeem ShaikhStevenage & North Herts/Southern Counties Vets/Sha28.1827.79
232.76-1.7Anne Nelson V55W Epsom & Ewell/Southern Counties Vets32.3431.17
337.99-1.7Cathy Lyon-GreenSBV55W Tamworth37.9934.80
200 (5 Jul)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
134.84-0.1Mary AxtellSBV65W Team Southampton/Southern Counties Vets/City of Po34.8434.61
235.26-0.1Iris HolderSBV65W Woking/Southern Counties Vets35.2633.04
338.74-0.1Ann Bolitho V65W Trent Park/Southern Counties Vets37.6536.59