Giffnock North AC Club Championships External Results
23 Sep 18
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200 SM
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
124.31Pat McVeySBSENM  Giffnock North24.3124.23
224.57Kyle McLean U20M Michael UttingGiffnock North22.5221.8
327.21Eoghan O'Donnell U17M Dudley WalkerGiffnock North24.624.6
428.07Andrew Robertson U17M Dudley WalkerGiffnock North/Ranelagh26.0525.87
528.75Lewis MitchellSBU17M Dudley WalkerGiffnock North28.7523.33
200 U15M 1
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
125.97Jacob Luc U15M2 Giffnock North24.424.31
228.25Aidan Cunning U15M1 Giffnock North26.8725.03
331.51Aaron McGillivrayPBU15M1 Giffnock North31.5131.51
200 U15M 2
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
127.52Harris Paterson U15M2 Giffnock North25.725.7
228.59Favour UduebholoPBU15M1 Giffnock North28.5928.59
332.48Dominic MunroPBU15M1 Giffnock North32.4832.48
434.33Findlay PryorSBU15M1 Giffnock North34.3333.34
200 U13M 1
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
127.64Josh Thielen-Mann U13M2 Giffnock North26.5425.59
231.35Felix Chan U13M1 Giffnock North28.4023.08
332.62Scott McMillanSBU13M2 Giffnock North32.6231.7
432.95Ryan Davie U13M1John DavieGiffnock North29.5729.5
533.18Craig Shennan U13M1Angela CarsonGiffnock North29.9529.95
637.44Mark MacinnesSBU13M2 Giffnock North37.4435.78
200 U13M 2
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
131.53Matthew KnakSBU13M2 Giffnock North31.5328.46
232.65Alexandre RobinPBU13M2 Giffnock North32.6532.65
334.12Ike OkongwuPBU13M1 Giffnock North34.1234.12
434.47Jack WallaceSBU13M1Angela CarsonGiffnock North34.4733.12
534.75Calan ChongSBU13M1 Giffnock North34.7529.41
637.19Joseph MunroPBU13M2 Giffnock North37.1937.19
200 M35
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
128.57Brian Martin V45M14 Giffnock North26.1026.10
229.05Ewan WallacePBV40M9 Giffnock North29.0529.05
329.66Paul MacConnellPBV45M  Giffnock North29.6629.66
430.17John SheddenPBV55M24 jogscotland/Giffnock North30.1730.17
530.21Colin Wylie V45M12Bernie CampbellGiffnock North28.0528.05
630.42Mark SutherlandPBV40M9 Giffnock North30.4230.42
733.31Christopher SmithSBV50M19 Giffnock North33.3131.46
200 SW
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
126.80Emma O'Hara SENW  Giffnock North26.2926.05
229.07Erin WallaceSBU20W Dudley WalkerGiffnock North29.0726.6
332.99Rhona MowatPBU20W  Giffnock North32.9932.99
436.33Stephanie LilliePBV40W  Giffnock North36.3336.33
536.98Allie ChongPBV45W Bernie CampbellGiffnock North36.9836.98
200 U17W
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
127.77Rachel Callan U17W1 Giffnock North26.624.55
229.18Orla Lang U17W2William GlasgowGiffnock North28.9928.68
331.20Jill CarswellSBU17W1 Giffnock North31.2030.24
431.85Leila Hickey-FugacciaSBU17W1 Giffnock North31.8530.14
532.56Miriam GilbridePBU17W1 Giffnock North32.5632.56
632.85Clare WallaceSBU17W2 Giffnock North32.8531.72
200 U15W
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
129.16Caroline MacConnell U15W2 Giffnock North27.026.23
229.84Zoe FlowerSBU15W2Dudley WalkerGiffnock North29.8427.92
330.46Ella McGregor U15W1 Giffnock North28.428.08
432.40Faith UduebholoSBU15W1 Giffnock North32.4030.23
533.40Amy GreenePBU15W1 Giffnock North33.4027.75
200 U13W 1
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
130.77Amber WadePBU13W1Duncan RobertsonGiffnock North30.7729.13
230.81Josie Reilly U13W2 Giffnock North29.3428.97
331.72Catriona Bentley U13W2 Giffnock North29.829.8
431.91Emily Watson U13W2 Giffnock North30.2128.39
532.63Cara WeirSBU13W1 Giffnock North32.6330.16
635.58Natasha Tallen U13W2 Giffnock North32.9032.90
737.14Chelsea MacleanSBU13W2 Giffnock North37.1432.12
200 U13W 2
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
131.96Katie OrrPBU13W1 Giffnock North31.9629.72
233.20Casey CarrSBU13W1 Giffnock North33.2026.54
333.31Annabelle NordmannSBU13W1 Giffnock North33.3131.09
433.96Alex GoldiePBU13W1 Giffnock North33.9633.96
534.04Kirsty WyliePBU13W2 Giffnock North34.0434.04
634.61Amy VincentSBU13W1Duncan RobertsonGiffnock North34.6132.39
735.62Lucy Cree U13W1 Giffnock North33.8031.98
200 U13W 3
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
131.31Abigail FlowerPBU13W2 Giffnock North31.3130.16
233.26Katy DonnellyPBU13W1 Giffnock North33.2630.52
334.19Tuscany WrightPBU13W2 Giffnock North34.1933.55
435.60Emma McLennanSBU13W2Lynne MacDougallGiffnock North35.6031.11
536.06Hazel O'DonoghueSBU13W1Duncan RobertsonGiffnock North36.0632.04
636.56Mia Ball U13W  Giffnock North AC  
736.75Ava BallPBU13W1 Giffnock North36.7536.75