Gwent Leisure Centre League External Results
3 Feb 19
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PosMWACPerfNameAG CoachClub 
1 1NTJeff WherlockV50M Lliswerry
2  NTJamie ParrySENM Parc Bryn Bach
3  NTJames BloreSENM Chepstow H
4  NTMichael LewisU23M Fairwater
5  NTSam Lewis JonesSENM Parc Bryn Bach
6 1NTAndrew LeeV45M Pont-Y-Pwl
7 2NTPaul MurrinV45M Chepstow H
8  NTMartin NortonSENM Lliswerry
9  NTIeuan SmithU23M Lliswerry
10  NTMartin ThomasSENM Parc Bryn Bach
11  NTMartyn WinserV35M Chepstow H
12  NTMarc BloomfieldSENM Parc Bryn Bach
13 1NTPaul WhiteV40M Pont-Y-Pwl
14  NTAdam RobertsSENM Parc Bryn Bach
15  NTRhys KnightV35M Lliswerry
16 2NTPaul BrutonV40M Lliswerry
17  NTRichard ElgarSENM Lliswerry/Newport and East Wales TC
18 3NTKarie AtkinsV40M Chepstow H
19  NTJonathan FordSENM Fairwater
20 1NTAnthony MarshallV55M Chepstow
21 3NTSteven Matthew LaneV45M Islwyn
22 2NTJonathan CarterV50M Chepstow H
23 2NTSteve DaviesV55M Griffithstown/Pont-Y-Pwl
24  NTJames KempSENM Pont-Y-Pwl
25 4NTDickie HuddV45M Chepstow H
26 3NTStuart PennyV55M Monmouth
27  NTMark HobbsSENM Griffithstown
28  NTDan FarmerSENM Lliswerry
29  NTRobert PritchardV35M Chepstow H
30  NTPaul HaywardV35M Islwyn
31  NTDavid RichardsonV35M Pont-Y-Pwl
3211NTGeorgie ParnellV35W Chepstow H/Worcester/Welsh Masters
33 1NTPaul DoddV60M Chepstow H/Forest of Dean
34  NTAndrew MathiasV35M Chepstow H
35 5NTMatthew LawsonV45M Chepstow
3621NTSandra ChipperV45W Lliswerry
37  NTDavid WheelerSENM Chepstow H
38  NTDan ReillySENM Lliswerry
393 NTFaye JohnsonSENW Pont-Y-Pwl
40 4NTRoss WalkerV40M Chepstow
4141NTSarah BellV40W Chepstow H
42  NTJoshua JonesSENM Griffithstown
43 6NTAndrew WrightV45M Caerleon
44 5NTAndrew WattsV40M Chepstow
4552NTHeather GrazV45W Usk/South Africa
46 7NTJamie GoddardV45M Chepstow H
47 8NTJulian HoweV45M Monmouth
48  NTTom SteeleSENM Griffithstown
49 3NTRob BevesV50M Chepstow H
5061NTNiki MorganV50W Chepstow H
517 NTAntoinette DumayneSENW Lliswerry/Swansea Uni
52 4NTAndrew M DaweV50M Lliswerry
53 5NTJames BoyleV50M Chepstow H
54 9NTIan LineV45M Parc Bryn Bach
55 6NTChristopher GoodwinV40M Chepstow H
56  NTGareth ReesV35M Pont-Y-Pwl
578 NTNicky CollinSENW Lliswerry
589 NTKaty RoySENW Chepstow H
59 10NTMatthew MulcahyV45M Caerleon
6010 NTEmma WookeySENW Lliswerry
61 6NTIan DaviesV50M Parc Bryn Bach
62 11NTMichael GrazV45M Usk/Welsh Masters
63 12NTChris O'brienV45M Fairwater
64 7NTNicholas ChardV40M Parc Bryn Bach
65 7NTRob HookV50M Chepstow
66  NTSam SkeltonU20M Lliswerry
67 1NTSteve OwenV65M Chepstow H
68 8NTAdrian MurkinV50M Pont-Y-Pwl
69 13NTAndrew JonesV45M Parc Bryn Bach
7011 NTVictoria HobbsSENW Lliswerry
71123NTNicola JukesV45W Parc Bryn Bach
72 9NTHuw SteadmanV50M Parc Bryn Bach
73 4NTCarl UrquhartV55M Pont-Y-Pwl
74 14NTBrian EvansV45M Monmouth
75  NTPaul MasonV35M Griffithstown
76 15NTStephen MorganV45M Fairwater
77134NTLisa JeffreyV45W Chepstow H
78  NTDan ReesSENM Lliswerry
7914 NTJoanne Summerfield TayloSENW R Parc Bryn Bach
80152NTAlex WilsonV40W Monmouth
81162NTLisa EricksonV35W Pont-Y-Pwl
82 5NTHaydn HartnellV55M Parc Bryn Bach/Welsh Masters
83 6NTPhilip HyattV55M Caerleon
84 7NTDimitri VorresV55M Pont-y-Pwl
85 16NTRobert NelsonV45M Monmouth
86 10NTDamian WilliamsV50M Parc Bryn Bach
87 8NTKim WehdenV55M Islwyn
88 9NTAndrew SpencerV55M Griffithstown
89 17NTAndy JamesV45M Lliswerry
90  NTTom AtkinU23M Lliswerry
91  NTOwain WilliamsSENM Parc Bryn Bach
92173NTAlex EvansV40W Parc Bryn Bach
93183NTKelly WallV35W Islwyn
94 8NTMartin JonesV40M Islwyn
95 10NTStuart DuncanV55M Chepstow H
96 18NTMichael SkyrmeV45M Fairwater
97 19NTOwen DaviesV45M Parc Bryn Bach
98 20NTNick OsmanV45M Parc Bryn Bach
99 11NTJeremy CreaseyV50M Monmouth
100 12NTWayne RudallV50M Usk
101 11NTAndrew StottV55M Chepstow H
102 9NTDavid SuttillV40M Chepstow H
103 21NTNick AndersonV45M Usk
104 2NTIan Grant HarrhyV60M Lliswerry
105 12NTSteve HarrhyV55M Pont-Y-Pwl
106 13NTMartin StarkV50M Pont-Y-Pwl
10719 NTSi├ón JonesSENW Parc Bryn Bach
108205NTVanessa LawsonV45W Chepstow H
109  NTGavin PerkinsV35M Lliswerry
110 3NTPeter RodgerV60M Caerleon
111214NTLaura GreyV35W Monmouth
112  NTRichard RobertsSENM Griffithstown
113  NTRoger FreemanV35M Parc Bryn Bach
114 10NTNud RehmanV40M Fairwater
11522 NTRoseann CharlesU23W Griffithstown
116 4NTStephen DallowV60M Parc Bryn Bach
117 14NTHoward Charles MasonV50M Caerleon
118235NTEmma KingV35W Monmouth
119 5NTKevin McEnteeV60M Chepstow H
120 11NTJames LynchV40M Islwyn
121 12NTSteven PhillipsV40M Parc Bryn Bach
122246NTKimberley PriceV35W Parc Bryn Bach
123256NTMelissa PearceV45W Parc Bryn Bach
124 15NTStephen PriceV55M Parc Bryn Bach
125264NTMarina WrightV40W Monmouth
126 6NTKeith LangleyV60M Pont-Y-Pwl
127  NTRoss HowellsSENM Chepstow H
128277NTSarah LauderV35W Lliswerry
129285NTRachel BowenV40W Lliswerry
130 22NTDarren KippestV45M Parc Bryn Bach
131 16NTMike PobjoyV50M Lliswerry
132 17NTSimon BrayV50M Usk
133  NTCraig LehajV35M Islwyn
134 23NTJason DixonV45M Islwyn
135296NTEmma SowreyV40W Pont-Y-Pwl
136307NTAnne HarrisV45W Parc Bryn Bach/Pont-Y-Pwl
137 13NTJason PritchardV40M Caerleon
138 14NTNeil WalkerV40M Usk
139 13NTJohn NashV55M Chepstow H
140 7NTMalc GonnellaV60M Fairwater
141 18NTTim BuckleyV50M Chepstow H
142318NTEmily HarrisonV35W Monmouth
143 8NTGerry AshtonV60M Chepstow
144 19NTRob SymonsV50M Fairwater
14532 NTNicky JaquesSENW Monmouth
146 9NTSteve McmenemyV60M Monmouth
147339NTSophie WilliamsV35W Monmouth
148342NTWendy Sharpe-NashV50W Chepstow H
149  NTChristopher CummingsSENM Parc Bryn Bach
150 10NTKeith DaviesV60M Islwyn
151  NTJosh HuddSENM Chepstow
152 24NTJames ExtonV45M Monmouth
153 15NTRussell WhiteV40M Pont-Y-Pwl
154 20NTAdrian GwilliamV50M Fairwater
155 25NTMarcus SmithV45M Parc Bryn Bach
156 21NTAndrew HillisV50M Monmouth
157353NTJan MorrisV50W Chepstow H
158 2NTPaul DayV65M Lliswerry
159 14NTNeil ChipperV55M Lliswerry
160368NTCathy FletcherV45W Monmouth
161371NTJeanette JenkinsV55W Fairwater/Welsh Masters
162384NTNicola SmithV50W Pont-y-Pwl
163 15NTRandal JonesV55M Lliswerry
1643910NTNerys ChaplinV35W Monmouth
165 26NTMark ProsserV45M Fairwater
166405NTLiz RichardsV50W Caerleon
167 22NTJohn MaloneyV55M Lliswerry
168 23NTChristopher HillV50M Caerleon
16941 NTBethan RichardsonSENW Pont-Y-Pwl
1704211NTKim CarwardineV35W Chepstow H
171 3NTJohn EdwardsV65M Lliswerry
172 16NTMartyn JenkinsV55M Fairwater
173 17NTSteve CrowtherV55M Lliswerry
17443 NTHannah DaviesSENW Islwyn
175449NTEmily ChinnV45W Lliswerry
176 24NTAndrew John GreenV50M Chepstow H
177456NTLouise CrockettV50W Chepstow H
1784612NTDelphine JonesV40W Parc Bryn Bach
179 18NTMike WilliamsV55M Parc Bryn Bach
180472NTBarbara MaddisonV55W Chepstow H
1814813NTKirsten SuttillV35W Chepstow H
182497NTSian RichardsonV40W Lliswerry
183  NTGareth RichardsV35M Parc Bryn Bach
1845014NTLouise MutehamV35W Lliswerry
18551 NTAlex JonesSENW Pont-Y-Pwl
1865210NTKaren PayneV45W Caerleon
187  NTOliver Marcus HughesV35M Lliswerry
18853 NTLiz Carpenter-DaviesSENW Parc Bryn Bach
189 27NTRod WyattV45M Monmouth
1905415NTAbbie BuckleyV35W Monmouth
191558NTStephanie CharnaudV40W Chepstow H
19256 NTEmma MaloneyU23W Lliswerry
193577NTStacey MorganV50W Pont-y-Pwl
194589NTKelly CameronV40W Fairwater
195 4NTHoward Martin AttwoodV65M Lliswerry
196593NTGeorgine SeedV55W Parc Bryn Bach
197 25NTSteve WhelbandV50M Parc Bryn Bach
198 19NTTim WrightV55M Lliswerry
199 20NTThomas WilliamsV55M Usk
200  NTMichael BarnesSENM Fairwater
2016010NTLinsey HoltV40W Monmouth
20261 NTLucy Atkin-SmithSENW Parc Bryn Bach
203 28NTRobert WoodV45M Lliswerry
204 21NTBrett RegulskiV55M Chepstow H
2056211NTCeri CaswellV40W Parc Bryn Bach
206 22NTGraham SimpsonV55M Usk
207631NTKathleen JervisV60W Parc Bryn Bach
208648NTJane LewisV50W Fairwater
209 26NTDavid DaviesV50M Caerleon
210659NTBridget DaviesV50W Chepstow H
211 5NTColin DixonV65M Islwyn
2126610NTStella SymonsV50W Fairwater
2136716NTSharon VarleyV35W Fairwater
2146811NTSarah BaytonV45W Parc Bryn Bach
215 16NTRichard CookV40M Griffithstown
21669 NTLeah MorrisSENW Monmouth
217 1NTDave AndrewsV70M Chepstow H
2187012NTKay MorganV40W Pont-Y-Pwl
21971 NTKathryn CollinsSENW Lliswerry
2207212NTAlison HoltonV45W Parc Bryn Bach
2217311NTLisa BatemanV50W Lliswerry
222 27NTDave BatemanV50M Lliswerry
223 6NTSimon MaddisonV65M Chepstow H
2247413NTKate AllenV45W Pont-Y-Pwl
2257512NTLouise HartreeV50W Usk
2267613NTMichelle BatesV50W Parc Bryn Bach
2277713NTFatima DowningV40W Usk
228784NTMichelle ClabonV55W Caerleon
2297914NTSusan GrayV50W Parc Bryn Bach
2308015NTAnnette ExleyV50W Usk
2318117NTBeth JamesV35W Parc Bryn Bach
232 23NTGary WillcoxV55M Pont-Y-Pwl
2338218NTMarisa BenjaminV35W Pont-Y-Pwl
2348319NTRoberta I HaversV35W Chepstow H
2358416NTHelen GwilliamV50W Fairwater
2368517NTJanet EvansV50W Usk
2378614NTSarah CliftonV40W Monmouth
2388714NTCaroline MatthewsV45W Parc Bryn Bach
239882NTSue AshtonV60W Chepstow
240891NTPat RichardsonV65W Lliswerry
2419018NTHelen ClancyV50W Chepstow H
2429119NTSian SteadmanV50W Parc Bryn Bach
243 2NTDick FinchV70M Chepstow H
2449215NTJenny BradfieldV45W Griffithstown
2459315NTLisa RiddingtonV45W Chepstow H
2469416NTShari FinchV40W Chepstow H
247 29NTTom RiddingtonV45M Chepstow H
248 28NTSean ClancyV50M Chepstow H
2499517NTVicky O'brienV40W Fairwater
25096 NTHayley EdwardsSENW Parc Bryn Bach
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