Ulster Schools District A Championships (Senior / Intermediates) External Results
1 May 19

Track only eligible for Power of 10 ranking lists
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100 U17M
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
111.06w3.3Adam SykesPBU20M3Gillian SykesOrangegrove11.0611.06
211.33w3.3Nathan StewartPBU17M2Gillian SykesOrangegrove11.3311.33
311.51w3.3Aaron McCordPBU20M3Gillian SykesOrangegrove11.4211.42
411.56w3.3Rory CarsonSBU17M2Gillian SykesOrangegrove11.5611.51
511.70w3.3Jonny Moore U17M  Northern Ireland/NI Schs  
611.95w3.3Pater McGrane U17M  Northern Ireland/NI Schs  
712.23w3.3Ben GibsonPBU17M1 Northern Ireland Schs12.2312.23
812.24w3.3Douglas Robinson U17M  Northern Ireland/NI Schs  
100 U17M h1
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
111.43 1.3Adam SykesSBU20M3Gillian SykesOrangegrove11.0611.06
211.90 1.3Pater McGrane U17M  Northern Ireland/NI Schs  
312.17 1.3Douglas Robinson U17M  Northern Ireland/NI Schs  
412.24 1.3Ben Gibson U17M1 Northern Ireland Schs12.2312.23
512.59 1.3Spencer Young U17M  Northern Ireland/NI Schs  
612.77 1.3Lee Donald U17M  Northern Ireland/NI Schs  
713.46 1.3Jack Jennings U17M  Northern Ireland/NI Schs  
100 U17M h2
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
111.71 0.2Rory Carson U17M2Gillian SykesOrangegrove11.5611.51
211.80 0.2Aaron McCord U17M  Northern Ireland/NI Schs  
312.26 0.2Jonny LucasSBU17M1 Regent House12.2612.05
412.63 0.2Joshua Bell U17M  Northern Ireland/NI Schs  
512.83 0.2Tom Houston U17M  Northern Ireland/NI Schs  
613.76 0.2Ervin Cufaj U17M  Northern Ireland/NI Schs  
718.26 0.2Adam O'Neill U17M  Northern Ireland/NI Schs  
100 U17M h3
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
111.71 -0.4Jonny Moore U17M  Northern Ireland/NI Schs  
211.74 -0.4Nathan Stewart U17M2Gillian SykesOrangegrove11.3311.33
312.42 -0.4Taylor Beacom-HurlePBU17M1 Northern Ireland Schs12.4212.42
412.58 -0.4Jacob Millar U17M  Northern Ireland/NI Schs  
512.81 -0.4Dylan HeaneySBU17M2 Northern Ireland Schs12.8112.26
613.02 -0.4Andrew Smyth U17M  Northern Ireland/NI Schs  
713.15 -0.4Alan Morris U17M  Northern Ireland/NI Schs  
813.21 -0.4Milosz Chajeski U17M  Northern Ireland/NI Schs  
100 U20W
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
113.21 0.3Louise CanningSBU20W1 North Down13.2112.79
213.38 0.3Sophie Larmour U20W2 Northern Ireland Schs12.7812.78
313.54 0.3Cara TanPBU20W1 City of Lisburn13.5413.54
413.60 0.3Molly LongstaffSBU20W2 North Down13.6013.26
513.62 0.3Anna Charlick U20W  Northern Ireland/NI Schs  
613.89 0.3Leah McClementsSBU20W1 North Down13.8913.58
714.02 0.3Tia Cashman-HookeSBU20W1 Lagan Valley14.0213.65
100 U17W
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
112.37 0.0Katie MonteithPBU17W2Laura KerrCity of Lisburn12.1812.18
212.39 0.0Jenna BreenPBU17W1 City of Lisburn12.1812.18
312.92 0.0Katie KimberSBU17W1 North Down12.9212.74
413.32 0.0Molly MathersPBU17W2 Northern Ireland Schs13.3213.32
513.57 0.0Neve Armstrong U17W  Northern Ireland/NI Schs  
613.62 0.0Sarah Eadie U17W1 Northern Ireland Schs13.5513.55
713.70 0.0Sophie Longstaff U17W  Northern Ireland/NI Schs  
814.52 0.0Anna Cleland U17W  Northern Ireland/NI Schs  
100 U17W h1
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
113.55 -0.4Sarah EadiePBU17W1 Northern Ireland Schs13.5513.55
214.10 -0.4Sophie Longstaff U17W  Northern Ireland/NI Schs  
314.28 -0.4Anna Cleland U17W  Northern Ireland/NI Schs  
414.29 -0.4Esther Cousins U17W  Northern Ireland/NI Schs  
514.59 -0.4Kelly Gley U17W  Northern Ireland/NI Schs  
614.60 -0.4Kirsten Cunningham U17W  Northern Ireland/NI Schs  
100 U17W h2
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
113.10 0.4Jenna Breen U17W1 City of Lisburn12.1812.18
213.28 0.4Katie Kimber U17W1 North Down12.9212.74
313.57 0.4Molly Mathers U17W2 Northern Ireland Schs13.3213.32
414.38 0.4Maddie BellPBU17W1 Regent House14.3814.38
514.54 0.4Mia Little U17W  Northern Ireland/NI Schs  
614.61 0.4Lucy Houston U17W  Northern Ireland/NI Schs  
717.88 0.4Eva Kelly U17W  Northern Ireland/NI Schs  
100 U17W h3
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
112.62 0.4Katie Monteith U17W2Laura KerrCity of Lisburn12.1812.18
213.75 0.4Neve Armstrong U17W  Northern Ireland/NI Schs  
314.67 0.4Molly Elliott U17W  Northern Ireland/NI Schs  
414.70 0.4Julia SterrittSBU17W1 Regent House14.7014.67
515.19 0.4Reegan Neill McKenzieSBU17W1Gillian SykesOrangegrove15.1914.22
615.20 0.4Aaliyah McDowell U17W  Northern Ireland/NI Schs