Multistars External Results
Lana, ITA
27-28 Apr 19
100 200 400 800 1500 100HW 110H HJ PV LJ SP7.26K SP4K DT2K JT800 JT600
HepW Dec 

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100 3 (27 Apr)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
111.42-1.1Andrew Murphy SENMColin SinclairKilbarchan/West of Scotland Uni11.2011.20
200 1 (27 Apr)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
326.51-0.2Ashleigh Spiliopoulou U23WDavid FeeneyEnfield & Haringey/Loughborough Students26.1026.10
200 2 (27 Apr)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
326.31-0.3Ellen Barber U23WDavid FeeneyYeovil/Loughborough Students26.0924.71
200 3 (27 Apr)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
225.20-0.3Kate O'Connor U20WFrancis O'HaganNewry/Ireland24.8224.73
200 5 (27 Apr)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
124.09-0.1Jessica Taylor-JemmettSBSENWJoe FrostSale Harriers Manchester/Sheffield Hallam Uni24.0823.63
624.84-0.1Katie Stainton SENWDavid FeeneyBirchfield H/Loughborough Students24.2623.92
400 2 (27 Apr)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
250.48 Andrew Murphy SENMColin SinclairKilbarchan/West of Scotland Uni50.3350.33
800 1 (28 Apr)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
42:23.10 Ashleigh Spiliopoulou U23WDavid FeeneyEnfield & Haringey/Loughborough Students2:20.982:18.61
800 2 (28 Apr)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
32:18.65 Ellen BarberPBU23WDavid FeeneyYeovil/Loughborough Students2:18.652:12.27
800 3 (28 Apr)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
42:20.94 Jessica Taylor-JemmettSBSENWJoe FrostSale Harriers Manchester/Sheffield Hallam Uni2:14.852:14.10
52:21.15 Kate O'Connor U20WFrancis O'HaganNewry/Ireland2:16.982:11.76
1500 (28 Apr)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
114:45.63 Andrew Murphy SENMColin SinclairKilbarchan/West of Scotland Uni4:40.224:40.22
100HW 1 (27 Apr)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
114.48-0.6Kate O'ConnorPBU20WFrancis O'HaganNewry/Ireland14.4113.74
315.16-0.6Ellen Barber U23WDavid FeeneyYeovil/Loughborough Students15.0614.18
515.34-0.6Ashleigh SpiliopoulouPBU23WDavid FeeneyEnfield & Haringey/Loughborough Students15.0515.03
100HW 4 (27 Apr)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
314.24-0.8Katie Stainton SENWDavid FeeneyBirchfield H/Loughborough Students14.0213.92
100HW 5 (27 Apr)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
614.110.5Jessica Taylor-Jemmett SENWJoe FrostSale Harriers Manchester/Sheffield Hallam Uni14.0913.81
110H 1 (28 Apr)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
115.27-0.5Andrew Murphy SENMColin SinclairKilbarchan/West of Scotland Uni14.8314.83
HJ (27 Apr)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
101.80 Andrew Murphy SENMColin SinclairKilbarchan/West of Scotland Uni1.922.00
HJ 1 (27 Apr)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
11.72 Ellen BarberPBU23WDavid FeeneyYeovil/Loughborough Students1.721.75
31.69 Ashleigh Spiliopoulou U23WDavid FeeneyEnfield & Haringey/Loughborough Students1.711.71
121.57 Jessica Taylor-JemmettSBSENWJoe FrostSale Harriers Manchester/Sheffield Hallam Uni1.611.75
HJ 2 (27 Apr)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
11.72 Kate O'Connor U20WFrancis O'HaganNewry/Ireland1.811.81
31.72 Katie Stainton SENWDavid FeeneyBirchfield H/Loughborough Students1.781.78
PV 2 (28 Apr)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
44.75 Andrew Murphy SENMColin SinclairKilbarchan/West of Scotland Uni4.955.00
LJ (27 Apr)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
96.841.0Andrew Murphy SENMColin SinclairKilbarchan/West of Scotland Uni7.167.22
LJ 1 (28 Apr)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
55.651.3Ellen Barber U23WDavid FeeneyYeovil/Loughborough Students5.686.08
95.440.5Ashleigh SpiliopoulouSBU23WDavid FeeneyEnfield & Haringey/Loughborough Students5.515.81
LJ 2 (28 Apr)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
36.050.9Jessica Taylor-JemmettSBSENWJoe FrostSale Harriers Manchester/Sheffield Hallam Uni6.056.18
95.861.1Kate O'Connor U20WFrancis O'HaganNewry/Ireland5.986.03
-NM Katie Stainton SENWDavid FeeneyBirchfield H/Loughborough Students6.296.29
SP7.26K (27 Apr)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
213.64 Andrew Murphy SENMColin SinclairKilbarchan/West of Scotland Uni14.1114.18
SP4K 1 (27 Apr)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
129.54 Ashleigh Spiliopoulou U23WDavid FeeneyEnfield & Haringey/Loughborough Students10.8911.28
SP4K 2 (27 Apr)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
313.48 Kate O'ConnorPBU20WFrancis O'HaganNewry/Ireland13.4814.54
413.43 Jessica Taylor-Jemmett SENWJoe FrostSale Harriers Manchester/Sheffield Hallam Uni13.5913.71
712.95 Ellen Barber U23WDavid FeeneyYeovil/Loughborough Students13.0313.59
912.15 Katie Stainton SENWDavid FeeneyBirchfield H/Loughborough Students12.3612.51
DT2K (28 Apr)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
1235.34 Andrew Murphy SENMColin SinclairKilbarchan/West of Scotland Uni40.9443.69
JT800 2 (28 Apr)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
849.86 Andrew Murphy SENMColin SinclairKilbarchan/West of Scotland Uni53.4253.44
JT600 1 (28 Apr)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
436.24 Jessica Taylor-Jemmett SENWJoe FrostSale Harriers Manchester/Sheffield Hallam Uni37.6638.31
1032.26 Ashleigh SpiliopoulouPBU23WDavid FeeneyEnfield & Haringey/Loughborough Students35.5436.76
JT600 2 (28 Apr)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
149.31 Kate O'ConnorPBU20WFrancis O'HaganNewry/Ireland52.9252.92
642.98 Ellen Barber U23WDavid FeeneyYeovil/Loughborough Students45.8346.58
-DNS Katie Stainton SENWDavid FeeneyBirchfield H/Loughborough Students42.9743.18
HepW (28 Apr)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
25881 Kate O'ConnorPBU20WFrancis O'HaganNewry/Ireland60936297
65663 Jessica Taylor-Jemmett SENWJoe FrostSale Harriers Manchester/Sheffield Hallam Uni57395913
135505 Ellen BarberSBU23WDavid FeeneyYeovil/Loughborough Students55056028
214875 Ashleigh SpiliopoulouPBU23WDavid FeeneyEnfield & Haringey/Loughborough Students50965105
-DNF Katie Stainton SENWDavid FeeneyBirchfield H/Loughborough Students60296029
Dec (28 Apr)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
157124 Andrew Murphy SENMColin SinclairKilbarchan/West of Scotland Uni75947594