Swiss Nationals External Results
Arbon, SUI
1-2 Jun 19
100WC 200WC 400WC 800WC 1500WC 5000WC 10000WC 

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100WC SM T33 (1 Jun)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
116.981.6Andrew Small T33SBSENMRick HoskinsStockport16.9816.62
217.411.6Dan Bramall T33PBSENMPeter WymanKirkby AC17.4117.41
318.021.6Harri Jenkins T33PBSENM DSW Para Academy18.0218.02
419.041.6Ben Callander T33PBU20MPeter WymanKirkby AC19.0419.04
619.640.9James Freeman T33PBSENMJenny ArcherWeir Archer Academy19.6419.64
719.771.6Hugo Patteson-Knight T33PBSENM Velocity/Sutton & District19.7719.77
100WC SM T34 (1 Jun)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
716.000.8Ben Rowlings T34PBSENMIan MirfinCoventry/Stirling Uni16.0016.00
1216.601.5Jamie Edwards T34PBU23MJenny ArcherWeir Archer Academy16.6016.60
1316.761.5Joe Brazier T34SBU23MRichard ChiassaroHarlow AC16.7616.68
1416.781.5Matthew Cooper T34 U20MJenny ArcherWeir Archer Academy16.6516.65
1717.471.5Nate Williams T34SBSENMRick HoskinsStockport17.4717.13
1818.870.9Shaun White T34PBU23MChristine ParsloeSutton & District/Velocity18.8718.87
1919.600.9Thomas Miller T34 U17MRichard ChiassaroHarlow AC19.5019.50
100WC SM T52 (1 Jun)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
1419.030.2Robert Smith T52SBV40MJob KingCoventry19.0318.84
1519.070.2Nick Smith T52SBSENMPaul MoseleyLeeds City19.0718.77
100WC SM T53/54 (1 Jun)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
1514.70-0.5Daniel Sidbury T54PBSENMChristine ParsloeSutton & District14.7014.70
1215.111.3Mickey Bushell T53SBSENMRick HoskinsBirchfield H/Weir Archer Academy15.1114.25
3815.44-1.1Dillon Labrooy T54SBU23MJenny ArcherWeir Archer Academy15.4414.78
2915.600.9Moatez Jomni T53SBSENMJenny ArcherWeir Archer Academy15.6015.30
100WC SM T54 (1 Jun)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
5316.080.6Michael McCabe T54 U23MChristine ParsloeSutton & District/Velocity15.9715.97
100WC SW T33 (1 Jun)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
224.18-1.2Olivia Gallagher T33 U20WJenny ArcherWeir Archer Academy23.0723.07
328.73-1.2Yasmin Somers T33 U23WJob KingHarlow AC25.6624.11
436.26-1.2Emma Alexander T33/F33 SENWRichard ChiassaroHarlow AC32.6031.04
100WC SW T34 (1 Jun)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
117.87-1.1Hannah Cockroft T34 SENWJennifer BanksHalifax/Leeds City/Coventry Uni17.4517.09
100WC SW T53 (1 Jun)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
116.96-0.9Samantha Kinghorn T53 SENWIan MirfinRed Star16.6516.21
100WC SW T54 (1 Jun)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
2819.76-1.0Lizzie Williams T54SBSENW Worthing/Velocity19.7619.64
200WC SM T33 (2 Jun)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
131.070.2Dan Bramall T33PBSENMPeter WymanKirkby AC31.0731.07
231.960.2Andrew Small T33SBSENMRick HoskinsStockport31.9630.14
435.520.2James Freeman T33PBSENMJenny ArcherWeir Archer Academy35.5235.52
535.940.2Ben Callander T33 U20MPeter WymanKirkby AC35.7335.73
636.540.2Hugo Patteson-Knight T33SBSENM Velocity/Sutton & District36.5436.33
200WC SM T34 (2 Jun)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
227.510.5Ben Rowlings T34PBSENMIan MirfinCoventry/Stirling Uni27.5127.51
428.200.5Isaac Towers T34/F35PBU23MPeter WymanKirkby AC/Loughborough Students28.2028.20
629.66-0.9Joe Brazier T34SBU23MRichard ChiassaroHarlow AC29.6629.59
931.340.0Matthew Cooper T34 U20MJenny ArcherWeir Archer Academy31.131.1
1031.51-0.9Jamie Edwards T34 U23MJenny ArcherWeir Archer Academy30.4230.42
1131.70-0.9Nate Williams T34SBSENMRick HoskinsStockport31.7030.43
1234.980.0Shaun White T34PBU23MChristine ParsloeSutton & District/Velocity34.9834.98
1336.240.0Thomas Miller T34 U17MRichard ChiassaroHarlow AC35.7535.75
200WC SM T52 (2 Jun)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
833.701.3Robert Smith T52PBV40MJob KingCoventry33.7033.70
1235.890.4Nick Smith T52SBSENMPaul MoseleyLeeds City35.8935.18
200WC SM T53/54 (2 Jun)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
524.540.0Nathan Maguire T54PBU23MSteven HoskinsKirkby AC/Liverpool John Moores Uni24.5424.54
624.571.6Richard Chiassaro T54SBV35MJennifer BanksHarlow AC24.5724.37
1125.470.8Daniel Sidbury T54PBSENMChristine ParsloeSutton & District25.4725.47
2026.530.8Jack Agnew T54PBU23MHeather ArdisLagan Valley26.5326.53
2927.220.0Michael McCabe T54PBU23MChristine ParsloeSutton & District/Velocity27.2227.22
2327.55-1.1Moatez Jomni T53SBSENMJenny ArcherWeir Archer Academy27.5526.64
3028.210.1Mickey Bushell T53 SENMRick HoskinsBirchfield H/Weir Archer Academy28.1125.97
200WC SW T33 (2 Jun)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
241.760.2Olivia Gallagher T33PBU20WJenny ArcherWeir Archer Academy41.7641.76
354.010.2Yasmin Somers T33 U23WJob KingHarlow AC49.546.81
468.290.2Emma Alexander T33/F33 SENWRichard ChiassaroHarlow AC65.960.89
200WC SW T34 (2 Jun)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
130.53-0.1Hannah Cockroft T34SBSENWJennifer BanksHalifax/Leeds City/Coventry Uni30.5330.51
200WC SW T53 (2 Jun)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
129.050.4Samantha Kinghorn T53SBSENWIan MirfinRed Star29.0528.61
200WC SW T54 (2 Jun)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
2334.000.9Lizzie Williams T54PBSENW Worthing/Velocity34.0034.00
400WC SM T33 (1 Jun)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
161.56 Dan Bramall T33SBSENMPeter WymanKirkby AC61.5660.73
268.58 James Freeman T33 SENMJenny ArcherWeir Archer Academy67.9567.95
368.75 Ben Callander T33PBU20MPeter WymanKirkby AC68.7568.75
470.39 Hugo Patteson-Knight T33PBSENM Velocity/Sutton & District70.3970.39
400WC SM T34 (1 Jun)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
451.65 Ben Rowlings T34PBSENMIan MirfinCoventry/Stirling Uni51.6551.65
553.86 Isaac Towers T34/F35 U23MPeter WymanKirkby AC/Loughborough Students53.2152.42
656.17 Joe Brazier T34SBU23MRichard ChiassaroHarlow AC56.1755.77
1059.50 Jamie Edwards T34 U23MJenny ArcherWeir Archer Academy56.7156.71
1160.81 Nate Williams T34SBSENMRick HoskinsStockport60.8157.77
1262.86 Matthew Cooper T34 U20MJenny ArcherWeir Archer Academy60.3460.34
1368.77 Shaun White T34 U23MChristine ParsloeSutton & District/Velocity67.9567.95
1469.70 Thomas Miller T34 U17MRichard ChiassaroHarlow AC67.5167.51
400WC SM T52 (1 Jun)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
865.69 Robert Smith T52SBV40MJob KingCoventry65.6964.69
400WC SM T53/54 (1 Jun)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
545.88 Richard Chiassaro T54 V35MJennifer BanksHarlow AC45.5544.39
1247.19 Nathan Maguire T54 U23MSteven HoskinsKirkby AC/Liverpool John Moores Uni46.2746.27
2848.78 Daniel Sidbury T54 SENMChristine ParsloeSutton & District48.6248.62
4950.66 Dillon Labrooy T54 U23MJenny ArcherWeir Archer Academy50.4248.70
5451.10 Jack Agnew T54SBU23MHeather ArdisLagan Valley51.1050.52
5751.38 Michael McCabe T54 U23MChristine ParsloeSutton & District/Velocity50.9250.92
1351.49 Moatez Jomni T53 SENMJenny ArcherWeir Archer Academy51.1449.40
400WC SW T33 (1 Jun)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
284.27 Olivia Gallagher T33 U20WJenny ArcherWeir Archer Academy82.6382.63
31:49.86 Yasmin Somers T33 U23WJob KingHarlow AC1:42.7593.54
42:05.46 Emma Alexander T33/F33SBSENWRichard ChiassaroHarlow AC2:05.461:57.70
400WC SW T34 (1 Jun)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
157.48 Hannah Cockroft T34PBSENWJennifer BanksHalifax/Leeds City/Coventry Uni57.4857.48
400WC SW T53 (1 Jun)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
356.17 Samantha Kinghorn T53 SENWIan MirfinRed Star55.6453.72
400WC SW T54 (1 Jun)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
3767.06 Lizzie Williams T54SBSENW Worthing/Velocity67.0664.38
800WC SM T33 (2 Jun)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
12:14.23 Andrew Small T33SBSENMRick HoskinsStockport2:14.232:07.24
22:20.30 James Freeman T33 SENMJenny ArcherWeir Archer Academy2:19.252:19.25
32:24.40 Hugo Patteson-Knight T33PBSENM Velocity/Sutton & District2:24.402:24.40
800WC SM T34 (2 Jun)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
41:46.39 Isaac Towers T34/F35 U23MPeter WymanKirkby AC/Loughborough Students1:43.511:39.18
61:46.48 Ben Rowlings T34 SENMIan MirfinCoventry/Stirling Uni1:40.891:39.12
81:51.28 Joe Brazier T34SBU23MRichard ChiassaroHarlow AC1:51.281:51.12
141:59.36 Jamie Edwards T34 U23MJenny ArcherWeir Archer Academy1:54.861:54.86
152:01.90 Nate Williams T34SBSENMRick HoskinsStockport2:01.901:52.91
162:19.27 Thomas Miller T34PBU17MRichard ChiassaroHarlow AC2:19.272:19.27
172:23.94 Shaun White T34SBU23MChristine ParsloeSutton & District/Velocity2:23.942:21.22
800WC SM T51/52 (2 Jun)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
22:15.45 Robert Smith T52 V40MJob KingCoventry2:11.652:09.30
800WC SM T53/54 (2 Jun)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
591.61 Richard Chiassaro T54SBV35MJennifer BanksHarlow AC91.611:30.35
691.95 Nathan Maguire T54PBU23MSteven HoskinsKirkby AC/Liverpool John Moores Uni91.9591.95
3096.41 Daniel Sidbury T54 SENMChristine ParsloeSutton & District1:35.561:35.56
4198.89 Jack Agnew T54 U23MHeather ArdisLagan Valley1:38.471:38.47
511:41.16 Michael McCabe T54 U23MChristine ParsloeSutton & District/Velocity1:39.001:39.00
800WC SW T33 (2 Jun)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
22:45.25 Olivia Gallagher T33PBU20WJenny ArcherWeir Archer Academy2:45.252:45.25
34:09.88 Emma Alexander T33/F33PBSENWRichard ChiassaroHarlow AC4:09.884:09.88
800WC SW T34 (2 Jun)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
11:57.13 Hannah Cockroft T34SBSENWJennifer BanksHalifax/Leeds City/Coventry Uni1:57.131:55.73
800WC SW T53/54 (2 Jun)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
31:47.96 Samantha Kinghorn T53SBSENWIan MirfinRed Star1:47.961:47.60
362:10.05 Lizzie Williams T54SBSENW Worthing/Velocity2:10.052:08.13
1500WC SM T34 (1 Jun)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
13:15.50 Isaac Towers T34/F35PBU23MPeter WymanKirkby AC/Loughborough Students3:15.503:15.50
33:36.41 Joe Brazier T34PBU23MRichard ChiassaroHarlow AC3:36.413:36.41
53:44.55 Jamie Edwards T34PBU23MJenny ArcherWeir Archer Academy3:44.553:44.55
64:26.31 Thomas Miller T34PBU17MRichard ChiassaroHarlow AC4:26.314:26.31
1500WC SM T51/52 (1 Jun)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
54:01.80 Robert Smith T52SBV40MJob KingCoventry4:01.803:56.65
1500WC SM T53/54 (1 Jun)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
82:54.83 Richard Chiassaro T54SBV35MJennifer BanksHarlow AC2:54.832:52.11
222:59.03 Nathan Maguire T54PBU23MSteven HoskinsKirkby AC/Liverpool John Moores Uni2:59.032:59.03
373:08.79 Michael McCabe T54 U23MChristine ParsloeSutton & District/Velocity3:05.663:05.66
433:13.06 Jack Agnew T54 U23MHeather ArdisLagan Valley3:08.843:07.05
1500WC SM T54 (1 Jun)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
252:59.29 Daniel Sidbury T54PBSENMChristine ParsloeSutton & District2:59.292:59.29
5000WC SM T53/54 (2 Jun)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
2410:31.34 Daniel Sidbury T54PBSENMChristine ParsloeSutton & District10:31.3410:31.34
2510:58.51 Michael McCabe T54PBU23MChristine ParsloeSutton & District/Velocity10:58.5110:58.51
10000WC SM T51/52 (1 Jun)
PosPerf Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
228:11.89 Robert Smith T52SBV40MJob KingCoventry28:11.8927:27.27