Basingstoke & Mid Hants Club Championships External Results
8 Sep 19
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PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
16.14Samuel OlliverPBU17M Owen McNallyBasingstoke & Mid Hants6.146.14
25.40Robert TysonPBV40M Rafer JosephBasingstoke & Mid Hants/Southern Counties Vets5.405.40
35.27Alexander LakelandPBU17M  Basingstoke & Mid Hants5.275.27
45.10Bradley White U17M  Basingstoke & Mid Hants5.255.25
54.85Datrim WadhawanPBU15M  Basingstoke & Mid Hants4.854.85
64.70Frank SouthwoldPBU15M  Basingstoke & Mid Hants4.705.34
74.64Jamie Ellis U15M  Basingstoke & Mid Hants4.814.81
84.54William ParkinsonPBU17M Ben HazellBasingstoke & Mid Hants4.944.94
94.43Nathan LanePBU15M  Basingstoke & Mid Hants4.434.43
104.31Boyd Jno-LewisPBU15M  Basingstoke & Mid Hants4.314.31
114.30Henry ChristerPBU15M  Basingstoke & Mid Hants4.305.18
124.08Sam Jarrett U15M  Basingstoke & Mid Hants4.304.72
133.95Josh Bond U15M  Basingstoke & Mid Hants4.564.56
143.92Oliver Jno-LewisPBU15M  Basingstoke & Mid Hants3.923.92
153.46Oliver SmithPBU17M Dave RaganBasingstoke & Mid Hants3.463.46
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
13.86Philip Kakari U13M1 Basingstoke & Mid Hants3.933.93
23.82Kenoe Lewis U13M2 Basingstoke & Mid Hants4.244.24
33.81Nicholas ThomasPBU13M2 Basingstoke & Mid Hants3.814.71
43.71Spencer WardSBU13M2 Basingstoke & Mid Hants3.714.46
53.24Noah O'NeillPBU13M1Dave RaganBasingstoke & Mid Hants3.244.17
62.98William EdwardsPBU13M1Dave RaganBasingstoke & Mid Hants2.982.98
72.86Owen LesterSBU13M1 Basingstoke & Mid Hants2.863.14
82.72Charlie EllawayPBU13M1 Basingstoke & Mid Hants2.722.72
92.68Thomas CouttsSBU13M2 Basingstoke & Mid Hants2.683.08
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
13.45Marcus HartgillPBU11M11 Basingstoke & Mid Hants3.454.24
23.37Edward CallowPBU11M11 Basingstoke & Mid Hants3.373.39
33.33Michael Byrne U11M11 Basingstoke & Mid Hants3.423.42
43.26Lewis BondPBU11M10 Basingstoke & Mid Hants3.263.37
53.09Oliver BerryPBU11M10 Basingstoke & Mid Hants3.093.09
62.97Oliver Brain U11M11Deborah MontgomeryBasingstoke & Mid Hants3.093.09
72.97Loki ChaffeyPBU11M11Dave RaganBasingstoke & Mid Hants2.973.33
82.83Archie Turner U11M11 Basingstoke & Mid Hants3.093.09
92.66Georgie Hedderly U11M11Deborah MontgomeryBasingstoke & Mid Hants2.742.75
102.55Jacob AmosPBU11M10Dave RaganBasingstoke & Mid Hants2.552.55
112.00Robert MurphyPBU11M10 Basingstoke & Mid Hants2.002.00
121.93Vihan FernandoPBU11M11 Basingstoke & Mid Hants1.931.93
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
13.89Charlotte Siertsema U17W  Basingstoke & Mid Hants4.144.14
23.58Rose Cripps U17W  Basingstoke & Mid Hants4.154.54
-NMHannah Reed U20W  Basingstoke & Mid Hants/Brunel Uni London4.704.93
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
14.84Darcie GeorgePBU15W2 Basingstoke & Mid Hants4.845.05
24.72Rose Fitzgerald U15W2Andy SleapBasingstoke & Mid Hants4.845.00
34.71Ayomide ColeSBU15W2 Basingstoke & Mid Hants4.714.83
44.57Jasmin Poulter U15W1Andy SleapBasingstoke & Mid Hants4.684.68
54.43Libbie French U15W2 Basingstoke & Mid Hants4.684.68
64.06Aimee CantlePBU15W2 Basingstoke & Mid Hants4.064.39
73.93Alexa NashPBU15W1 Basingstoke & Mid Hants3.933.93
83.92Audrey Timothy Ojo U15W2 Basingstoke & Mid Hants4.164.16
93.90Stevie-Leigh Chatfield-WestPBU15W1 Basingstoke & Mid Hants3.903.92
103.90Grace FrenchPBU15W2 Basingstoke & Mid Hants3.903.90
113.56Ellie CavanaghPBU15W2 Basingstoke & Mid Hants3.563.56
123.40Emily Cullum U15W2 Basingstoke & Mid Hants3.723.72
133.39Georgina Amison U15W2 Basingstoke & Mid Hants3.603.60
143.38Maya RajaPBU15W2 Basingstoke & Mid Hants3.383.38
153.33Megan HopePBU15W2Dave RaganBasingstoke & Mid Hants3.333.33
163.30Josephine O'NeillSBU15W1 Basingstoke & Mid Hants3.303.43
173.08Amelia LawrenceSBU15W1 Basingstoke & Mid Hants3.083.45
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
14.19Mia HartgillPBU13W1 Basingstoke & Mid Hants4.194.40
23.99Fe DickinsonPBU13W2 Basingstoke & Mid Hants3.993.99
33.83Megan BanksPBU13W2 Basingstoke & Mid Hants3.834.30
43.78Ruby SommersPBU13W2 Basingstoke & Mid Hants3.783.80
53.67Darcy Sherlock U13W1 Basingstoke & Mid Hants3.754.07
63.49Sophie YatesPBU13W2 Basingstoke & Mid Hants3.493.49
73.46Oziohune Rita Obadaki U13W1 Basingstoke & Mid Hants3.584.04
83.32Milly DedmanPBU13W1 Basingstoke & Mid Hants3.323.72
93.29Nyah Goodman U13W2 Basingstoke & Mid Hants3.614.11
103.10Matilda GibsonPBU13W1 Basingstoke & Mid Hants3.103.10
112.93Molly EdmondsonPBU13W2 Basingstoke & Mid Hants2.932.93
122.70Daisy EdmondsonPBU13W1 Basingstoke & Mid Hants2.702.70
132.67Lilly EllisPBU13W2 Basingstoke & Mid Hants2.672.67
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
13.33Ruby Hanvey MeyerPBU11W11 Basingstoke & Mid Hants3.333.84
23.30Alejandra ThomasPBU11W10 Basingstoke & Mid Hants3.303.30
33.10Georgia BarrettPBU11W10 Basingstoke & Mid Hants3.173.97
43.09Daisy AllfordPBU11W11Dave RaganBasingstoke & Mid Hants3.093.09
52.93India RossPBU11W10 Basingstoke & Mid Hants2.932.93
62.90Izabel Brown U11W11 Basingstoke & Mid Hants3.033.03
72.87Jasmine WilsonPBU11W10 Basingstoke & Mid Hants2.872.87
82.85Abigail SpencerPBU11W10 Basingstoke & Mid Hants2.853.18
92.63Emily SpicerPBU11W10 Basingstoke & Mid Hants2.632.63
102.60Pasha CobbettPBU11W11 Basingstoke & Mid Hants2.602.60
112.39Anna EdwardsPBU11W10Dave RaganBasingstoke & Mid Hants2.392.39
122.32Lily RiversPBU11W10 Basingstoke & Mid Hants2.322.32
132.29Daisy Ruane U11W10 Basingstoke & Mid Hants2.502.50