Giffnock North AC Club Championships External Results
25 Aug 19
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PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
15.41Sam YoungSBU20M Ken AllanGiffnock North5.415.79
25.22Neil Hutchison SENM  Giffnock North5.645.75
34.51Andrew RobertsonPBU20M Dudley WalkerGiffnock North4.514.51
44.50Donald Maclean U20M  Giffnock North4.874.87
54.39Jack BellPBU20M Dudley WalkerGiffnock North4.394.39
64.35Lewis MitchellSBU20M Dudley WalkerGiffnock North4.354.63
73.87Ruairidh MacleanPBV35M  Giffnock North3.873.87
83.85Oliver TraynorPBSENM  Giffnock North/Glasgow Uni3.853.85
93.74Crispin WalshPBV45M  Giffnock North3.743.74
103.36Christopher SmithPBV50M  Giffnock North3.363.36
113.30William LintonPBV50M  Giffnock North3.303.30
123.10Rob CrusherPBV50M  Giffnock North3.103.10
132.85Jordan OrrSBU23M  Giffnock North2.853.21
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
16.85Murray Fotheringham U17M2 Giffnock North7.347.34
24.91Ross O'BrienPBU17M1Dudley WalkerGiffnock North4.914.91
34.55Ross Veitch U17M2 Giffnock North5.025.02
44.46Blayne WrightPBU17M2 Giffnock North4.464.46
54.24Tom StewartPBU17M1 Giffnock North4.244.24
64.01Ben McCahillPBU17M1 Giffnock North4.014.01
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
14.89Steven Carswell U15M2 Giffnock North5.035.03
24.60Ross GourlayPBU15M2 Giffnock North4.604.60
34.18Frankie Bradley U15M1 Giffnock North4.584.58
44.13Matthew KnakPBU15M1 Giffnock North4.134.13
54.06Edward JoycePBU15M2 Giffnock North4.064.06
63.79Michael NolanPBU15M2 Giffnock North3.793.79
73.43Andrew CombeSBU15M2 Giffnock North3.433.83
83.30Liam Duggan U15M2 Giffnock North4.734.73
92.97Cathal LowPBU15M1 Giffnock North2.972.97
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
14.15Craig Shennan U13M2 Giffnock North4.194.19
24.10Ellis Nairne U13M2 Giffnock North4.324.32
34.02Felix ChanPBU13M2 Giffnock North4.024.02
44.01James MowatPBU13M2 Giffnock North4.014.01
53.98Calan ChongPBU13M2 Giffnock North3.983.98
63.87Lewis DavidsonPBU13M1 Giffnock North3.873.87
73.84Cameron HarrisPBU13M2 Giffnock North4.624.62
83.74Oliver BryersPBU13M1 Giffnock North3.743.74
93.73Jack WallacePBU13M2 Giffnock North3.733.73
103.71Alasdair NugentPBU13M2 Giffnock North3.713.71
113.71Martin RolfeSBU13M1 Giffnock North3.713.77
123.68Euan Armstrong U13M1 Giffnock North3.973.97
133.64Logan Johnston U13M1 Giffnock North3.853.85
143.42Harris WattPBU13M2 Giffnock North3.423.42
153.19Rory Taylor-YoungPBU13M1 Giffnock North3.193.19
163.15Milo Joe LombardPBU15M  Giffnock North3.153.15
173.07Luc Lyons U13M  Giffnock North AC  
183.07Ruari LaskeyPBU13M2 Giffnock North3.073.07
193.06Alfie BradleyPBU13M1 Giffnock North3.063.06
203.03Charlie McAllisterPBU13M1 Giffnock North3.033.03
213.01Elias ThomsonPBU13M2 Giffnock North3.013.01
222.81Oscar Parker U13M  Giffnock North AC  
232.75Zac CarrPBU13M1 Giffnock North2.752.75
242.58Max SheridanSBU13M2 Giffnock North2.583.20
252.05Abraham Al Ani U13M1 Giffnock North2.442.44
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
14.02Angus WeirPBU11M11 Giffnock North4.334.33
23.70Aaron ReidPBU11M11 Giffnock North3.703.70
33.66Zander Summerhill U11M11 Giffnock North4.004.00
43.63Matthew SnowdenPBU11M  Giffnock North3.633.63
53.61Max McKie U11M  Giffnock North AC  
63.60Joseph OttoliniPBU11M11 Giffnock North3.603.60
73.48Alistair McLachlanPBU13M12 Giffnock North3.483.48
83.23Jacob StuffinsPBU11M  Giffnock North3.233.23
93.18Daniel CreePBU11M11 Giffnock North3.183.18
103.10Dara McGranaghan U11M  Giffnock North AC  
113.10Noah MacLeodPBU11M  Giffnock North3.103.47
122.96Cameron Mitchell U11M  Giffnock North AC  
132.88Ethan Scobie U11M  Giffnock North AC  
142.88Thomas WhittingtonPBU13M12 Giffnock North2.882.88
152.87Patrick FraserPBU11M  Giffnock North2.872.87
162.84Alex Beaton U11M  Giffnock North AC  
172.79Calum DickPBU13M12 Giffnock North2.792.79
182.72Ethan McGillivray U11M  Giffnock North AC  
192.71Freddie Scott U11M  Giffnock North2.722.72
202.65Jamie Royle U11M  Giffnock North AC  
212.61Fraser Morrin U11M  Giffnock North AC  
222.51Nathan Booker U11M  Giffnock North AC  
232.51Nathan Miller U11M  Giffnock North AC  
242.42Joseph Mowat U11M  Giffnock North AC  
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
13.96Orla Lang U20W William GlasgowGiffnock North4.094.23
23.37Caroline MunroPBV40W  Giffnock North3.373.37
33.30Yvonne McNairnPBSENW  Giffnock North3.303.30
43.09Rhona MowatSBU20W  Giffnock North3.093.35
52.06Allie ChongSBV45W Bernie CampbellGiffnock North2.062.67
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
15.10Rachel Callan U17W2 Giffnock North5.235.23
24.45Katie FossPBU17W2Michael LoveGiffnock North4.454.45
34.24Caroline MacConnell U17W1 Giffnock North4.344.34
44.10Julia CashPBU17W1 Giffnock North4.104.10
53.68Grace RobertsonSBU17W1Jacqueline AlexanderGiffnock North3.683.78
63.51Zoe FlowerPBU17W1Lynne MacDougallGiffnock North3.513.51
73.48Abby ThomsonSBU17W1 Giffnock North3.483.49
83.34Leila Hickey-FugacciaSBU17W2 Giffnock North3.343.93
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
14.40Emily Watson U15W1 Giffnock North4.474.53
24.27Skye Moulson U15W2 Giffnock North4.474.47
33.91Ava Bruce U15W2 Giffnock North4.424.42
43.84Amy GreenePBU15W2 Giffnock North3.843.84
53.82Isla ScottPBU15W2Dudley WalkerGiffnock North3.823.82
63.65Eilidh Hunter U15W1 Giffnock North3.813.81
73.59Catriona BentleyPBU15W1 Giffnock North3.593.59
83.56Josie ReillyPBU15W1 Giffnock North3.563.56
93.54Kirsty WyliePBU15W1 Giffnock North3.543.54
103.49Eliza TurnerSBU15W1 Giffnock North3.493.57
113.48Abigail FlowerPBU15W1 Giffnock North3.483.48
123.46Eva ChongPBU15W2 Giffnock North3.463.46
133.44Isla FotheringhamSBU15W2 Giffnock North3.443.48
143.43Tuscany WrightSBU15W1 Giffnock North3.433.46
153.36Emma McLennanPBU15W1 Giffnock North3.363.36
163.29Chelsea MacleanPBU15W1 Giffnock North3.293.29
173.29Tara MenonPBU15W1 Giffnock North3.293.29
182.77Eilidh Veitch U15W1 Giffnock North2.902.99
192.77Kate PaulSBU15W2 Giffnock North2.772.81
202.66Esme DougallPBU15W1 Giffnock North2.662.66
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
14.24Amber Wade U13W2 Giffnock North4.274.27
23.28Beatrice Baynham-WainwrightPBU13W2 Giffnock North3.283.28
33.25Emily WilliamsPBU13W1 Giffnock North3.253.25
43.13Amy VincentPBU13W2 Giffnock North3.133.13
53.09Eve GreenePBU13W2 Giffnock North3.253.25
63.05Daisy DalzielPBU13W1 Giffnock North3.053.05
73.04Hannah SlumanSBU13W1 Giffnock North3.043.05
83.01Ava BallSBU13W2 Giffnock North3.013.21
92.98Genevieve NordmannPBU13W  Giffnock North2.982.98
102.97Annabelle NordmannPBU13W2 Giffnock North2.972.97
112.74Emilia Hickey-FugacciaPBU13W1 Giffnock North2.742.74
122.69Casey CarrSBU13W2 Giffnock North2.692.79
132.67Freya CampbellSBU13W1 Giffnock North2.673.24
142.46Grace McArthurPBU13W2 Giffnock North2.462.46
152.43Gabrielle PaddisonPBU13W2 Giffnock North2.432.43
162.32Ella McWilliamsPBU13W2 Giffnock North2.322.32
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
13.84Holly Slater U13W2 Giffnock North3.993.99
23.78Kate Seenan U13W2 Giffnock North4.114.60
33.72Katy DonnellyPBU13W2 Giffnock North3.723.72
43.63Isla RossPBU13W1 Giffnock North3.633.63
53.57Madeleine MacKenzieSBU13W1 Giffnock North3.573.86
63.35Zara ShahPBU13W1 Giffnock North3.353.35
73.24Lucy CreePBU13W2 Giffnock North3.243.24
83.19Hannah TurnbullPBU13W1 Giffnock North3.193.19
93.09Maisie LingPBU13W1 Giffnock North3.093.09
103.06Heather BentleyPBU13W2 Giffnock North3.063.06
112.80Hazel O'DonoghuePBU13W2 Giffnock North2.802.80
122.56Isla MunroPBU13W1 Giffnock North2.562.56
132.52Saoirse McnultyPBU13W2 Giffnock North2.522.52
142.38Lucy O'donoghuePBU13W1 Giffnock North2.382.38
152.28Mia Ball U13W  Giffnock North AC  
162.09Lexie MartinPBU13W1 Giffnock North2.092.09
171.74Holly WalshPBU13W1 Giffnock North1.741.74
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
14.04Leilani Spelman IkedashiPBU11W11 Giffnock North4.044.04
23.32Isabella AnnandPBU11W11 Giffnock North3.323.32
33.17Sarah McNultyPBU11W11 Giffnock North3.173.17
42.99Ahrra DonaldsonPBU13W12 Giffnock North2.992.99
52.95Maya JohnsonPBU11W11 Giffnock North2.952.95
62.93Mai Tait U11W  Giffnock North AC  
72.92Beatrice NairnePBU11W  Giffnock North2.922.92
82.82Hannah Brown U11W  Giffnock North AC  
92.80Edie Campbell U11W11 Giffnock North2.982.98
102.73Freya ScobiePBU11W  Giffnock North2.732.73
112.59Amy GallagherPBU11W11 Giffnock North2.592.59
122.58Anna HawthornePBU13W12 Giffnock North2.582.58
132.41Emily JacksonPBU11W  Giffnock North2.412.41
142.40Amber Rose Spelman-IkediashiPBU11W11 Giffnock North2.402.40
152.35Rose CostelloPBU11W  Giffnock North2.352.35
162.27Zoe McKellPBU11W11 Giffnock North2.272.27
172.18Isla WatsonPBU11W10 Giffnock North2.182.18
182.04Beth FyviePBU11W11 Giffnock North2.042.04