2xu Surrey Men's League Division 2 External Results
13 Nov 10
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PosACPerfNameAG YearCoachClub 
1 26:24Ben WallisU23M Craig WinrowGuildford & Godalming/St. Mary's Uni
2 26:24Phil KillingleySENM  Winchester/Oxford Uni
3127:11Peter HaarerV40M  Ranelagh
4 27:27John DeweySENM  Guildford & Godalming
5 27:28James EllisSENM  Clapham Chasers
6 27:30Ben EvansSENM Marc WoodallGuildford & Godalming
7 27:31Stephen WhiteheadV35M  Ranelagh
8127:32Matthew FellowsU20M  Guildford & Godalming
9 27:36Lee FlanaganV35M  Striders of Croydon
10 27:37Duncan LancashireSENM  Striders of Croydon
11 27:44Martin SnodgrassSENM  Wimbledon Windmilers
12 27:45Tom RobinsonSENM  Ful-On TC
13 27:46Ian ConnorSENM  Clapham Chasers
14 27:55Riel CarolV35M  Clapham Chasers
15 27:59Nathan MillsV35M  Ranelagh
16 28:02Stephen StarvisV35M  Striders of Croydon
17 28:04Buzz ShepherdSENM  Dulwich Runners
18 28:09Jamie McCullaghSENM  Kingston & Poly
19228:10George CorcoranU20M Richard HoltKingston & Poly
20228:15Charles LoundV40M  Dulwich
21 28:23Euan LeesV35M  Ful-On TC
22 28:28Adam StirkSENM  Guildford & Godalming/Sandhurst
23328:30Tony TuohyV45M  Dulwich
24 28:45Justin MacenhillV35M  Striders of Croydon
25 28:52Andy ArbourV35M  Kingston & Poly
26429:04Ed BarkerV35M  Ranelagh
27 29:11Tobias MewsSENM  Clapham Chasers
28 29:18Olivier PinchardSENM  Ful-On TC
29 29:19Richard MathyeSENM  Kingston & Polytechnic Harriers
30 29:22Marc SnaithSENM  Ranelagh/St. Mary's Richmond
31 29:24Niall O'ConnorV35M  Ranelagh
32 29:27Matt HyettSENM  Kingston & Poly
33 29:30Guy MclarenSENM  Clapham Chasers
34 29:33Mike MaranzanoSENM  Kingston & Poly
35129:35John ShawV50M  Ranelagh
36 29:37Michael HuntleySENM Richard HoltKingston & Poly
37 29:41Matt WardSENM  Clapham Chasers
38 29:43Tony MacDowallSENM Mark WhiteVictoria Park & Tower Hamlets
39 29:44Iain HarrisonSENM  Striders of Croydon
40 29:48Chris DowlingSENM  Clapham Chasers
41 29:56Wayne LashleySENM  Dulwich
42 30:04Sebastian JonesSENM  Wimbledon Windmilers
43 30:05Daniel BellSENM  Clapham Chasers
44 30:05Andy EakinsSENM Alli CrossmanFarnham Runners/Guildford & Godalming
45 30:06Chris BundhunSENM Richard HoltRanelagh/Kingston & Poly
46 30:08Paul KnowlesV40M  Ful-On TC
47530:09Damian MacEnhillV40M  Striders of Croydon
48630:15Mark RabbettsV40M  Wimbledon Windmilers
49 30:16Ron TaylorSENM  Kingston & Poly/Metros
50 30:16Gaetan TerraSENM  Clapham Chasers
51 30:17Marc WoodallSENM  Guildford & Godalming
52 30:19Taylor HugginsV35M  Striders of Croydon
53 30:20Mark WyldboreSENM  Ranelagh Harriers
54730:22Duncan HusseyV45M  Dulwich
55 30:23Alan ScottSENM  Clapham Chasers
56830:25Mark TennysonV45M  Guildford & Godalming
57 30:25Paul NicollSENM  Ranelagh
58 30:29Ted MockettSENM  Ranelagh
59 30:36Phil CakeSENM  Guildford & Godalming
60930:37James WhaleV40M  Wimbledon Windmilers
61 30:40Nick WoodV35M Richard PickeringWimbledon Windmilers
62 30:42Jim LeyV35M  26.2
63 30:47Stuart AndersonV35M  Ful-On TC
64 30:50Alisdair FrazerSENM  Clapham Chasers
65 30:51Simon AmbrosiSENM  Striders of Croydon
66 30:52Richard Lee-SmithV35M  Striders of Croydon
67230:53Declan FlynnV50M  26.2
681030:58Dominic CollierV40M  26.2
69 30:59Nathan AndrewsV35M  Wimbledon Windmilers
701131:00Craig NicolV40M  Wimbledon Windmilers
711231:02Mick TurnerV45M  Striders of Croydon
72 31:07Tom LloydV35M  Wimbledon Windmilers
731331:16Mike DanielsV40M  Wimbledon Windmilers
74 31:18Joe BrewerSENM  26.2
751431:23Brian O'KaneV45M  Guildford & Godalming
76 31:24Olly de MontfortSENM  Wimbledon Windmilers
77 31:25Tim LewisSENM  Ful-On TC
78 31:27Stuart ArcherV35M  Ful-On TC
79 31:28Gerard O'CallaghanV35M  Wimbledon Windmilers
80 31:31Peter FaullSENM  Ranelagh
81 31:39Ben FancourtSENM  Striders of Croydon
82 31:47Alex HusseySENM  Ful-On TC
83 31:52Nathan BallSENM  Wimbledon Windmilers
84 31:55Joe ChangSENM  26.2
85 31:55Mark JoyceSENM  Ful-On TC
86 31:55David MaherSENM  26.2
87 31:57Andrew RichardsSENM  Wimbledon Windmilers
88 31:59David MarsdenV35M  Guildford & Godalming
89 32:00Andrew PengellyV40M  26.2
90 32:01Gordon BerrySENM  Wimbledon Windmilers
91 32:09Peter WilkinsSENM Nicky AtkinsKingston & Poly
92 32:15Paul DeenV35M  Wimbledon Windmilers
931532:16Krzysztof KlidziaV45M  Striders of Croydon
94 32:17Richard BedlowSENM  Wimbledon Windmilers
95 32:18James AldousSENM  Ful-On TC
96 32:21Mike LeonSENM  Clapham Chasers
97 32:22Mario EschelSENM  Wimbledon Windmilers
98 32:25Kevin ParkerSENM  26.2
99332:26Ant BudarkiewiczV50M  Kingston & Poly
1001632:38Chris LoizouV40M  Dulwich Runners
101432:39Jim WallaceV50M  Wimbledon Windmilers/Hercules Wimbledon/Veterans
102532:44David PimmV50M  26.2
103632:46Paul SandersonV55M  Guildford & Godalming
1041732:49Chris MortonV45M  Striders of Croydon
105 32:53David BurrowsSENM  Clapham Chasers/Perth RR
106 32:56Neil GuthrieV35M  Wimbledon Windmilers
1071833:06Tiarnan O'ClerighV40M  Dulwich Runners
1081933:08Phil McelhinneyV40M  Wimbledon Windmilers
109 33:13Paul RoeSENM  Wimbledon Windmilers
110 33:14David GibneyV35M  Ful-On TC
111 33:21Arif MeraliSENM  Clapham Chasers
112 33:37Johan OlivierSENM  Ful-On TC
113 33:38Nico Van Der WesthuisenSENM  Ful-On-Tri
1142033:39Andrew JohnstonV40M  Guildford & Godalming
115 33:46Phil LloydSENM  Ful-On TC
116 33:49Francis KingSENM  Ful-On-Tri
1172133:52Robert HintonV45M  26.2
118 33:53Matt LythellSENM  Guildford & Godalming
1192233:54Andrew OmesherV40M  Clapham Chasers
1202333:54Simon BurrellV45M  Ranelagh
1212433:57John EarnshawV40M  Guildford & Godalming AC
122 33:59Will PeacockSENM  Clapham Chasers
123734:01Graham BallV60M  Wimbledon Windmilers
124 34:03Stephen BlakeneySENM  26.2
125 34:05Christopher WardSENM  26.2
126 34:05Darren CockV35M  Ful-On TC
127 34:08Alistair GibsonV35M Marc WoodallGuildford & Godalming
128 34:10Daniel PowellV35M  Clapham Chasers
129 34:11Dominic CollardV35M  Clapham Chasers
1302534:16William GriffinV40M  Ranelagh
131 34:25Adrian DoyleSENM  Wimbledon Windmilers
1322634:34Paul BlockwayV40M  Ful-On-Tri
1332734:36David BellV45M  Wimbledon Windmilers
134 34:41Steven KristaforV35M  Wimbledon Windmilers
1352834:45Joe DeanV40M  Clapham Chasers
136 34:48Mark BentonV35M  Ful-On TC
137 34:54Andrew JenkinsSENM  Ful-On TC
138 34:58Richard HarperV35M  Ful-On TC
1392935:05Giles SequeiraV40M  Wimbledon Windmilers
140 35:05Andrew WoodhouseV35M  Ranelagh
141 35:06Jonathan R BarnettV35M  Wimbledon Windmilers
1423035:13Patrick TiernanV45M  26.2
143 35:22Alexander FordhamU17M  Ranelagh
144 35:35Christiano CorazziniSENM  Wimbledon Windmilers
145835:47Dave WestV50M  Dulwich
146 35:59Richard FulchironSENM  Ful-On TC
1473136:01Brian McdermottV50M  Wimbledon Windmilers
1483236:03Peter KingV40M  Ful-On-Tri
1493336:08Joseph BradyV40M  Dulwich
1503436:14Keith LinesV40M  Wimbledon Windmilers
151 36:20Chris WiltshireSENM  Wimbledon Windmilers
152 36:22Richard GoulderV35M  26.2
153 36:27Isaac William GriffithsSENM  Wimbledon Windmilers/Clapham Chasers
154 36:28Chris FordSENM  Wimbledon Windmilers
155936:32Peter GibbonsV50M  Dulwich Runners
156136:34Bob McDonoughV60M  Kingston & Polytechnic Harriers
1573536:36Tom O’DonoghueV45M  Wimbledon Windmilers
158 36:39Walter RothonV45M  Ful-On TC
159 36:50George KorolempasSENM  Ful-On-Tri
160 36:53Peter KeaneSENM  Ful-On-Tri
1611036:57Graham LayleeV50M  Dulwich
1621137:14David GreenfieldV50M Nicky AtkinsKingston & Poly
163 37:27Patrick KongV40M  Clapham Chasers
164 37:39An OtherSENM  Clapham Chasers
1651237:54Giles GibsonV50M  Dulwich
166 38:27Russell ThompsonSENM  Clapham Chasers
1671338:36Peter FordhamV55M  Ranelagh
168 39:33Mark BrennanV35M  Kingston & Poly
169 39:38David WalshSENM  Guest
1703639:46Mike BowelV40M  Ful-On-Tri
1711439:50Graham HuntleyV55M  Kingston & Poly
1723740:11Greg WhitemanV40M  26.2
173 41:22Cory Wharton-MalcolmSENM  Dulwich
1743841:36Kevin StoneV40M  26.2
1753941:46Peter GrecianV45M  26.2
1761541:47Neil SunderlandV55M  26.2
1771642:52Dave GibbonsV50M  Kingston & Poly
178243:09Geoff ReedV60M  Kingston & Poly
179 43:23Grant DavisonV35M  26.2
180 43:43Aiah Songu-MeriwaSENM  Ranelagh Harriers
181 44:06Phil AikenV40M  Ranelagh
PosACPerfNameAG YearCoachClub 
1112:07Daniel WallisU15M-1Sue GoodeGuildford & Godalming
2212:21Calum RootsU15M-1Alli CrossmanGuildford & Godalming
3112:36Wesley Raynbird-TilburyU17M2Alli CrossmanGuildford & Godalming/Nantwich RC
4212:40Remy FuchsU17M2 Guildford & Godalming
5313:19Phillip BearmanU15M-2Richard HoltKingston & Poly
6313:48Toby BorthwickU17M1Alli CrossmanGuildford & Godalming
7413:54Thomas ButcherU17M1Alli CrossmanLondon City AC/Guildford & Godalming
8414:05Thomas MarlowU15M-1 Guildford & Godalming
9514:10Hugo MaddenU15M-2Alli CrossmanGuildford & Godalming
10115:16George BrophyU13M-4 Guildford & Godalming
11215:24Oscar HusseyU13M-5Mick JonesDulwich
12316:33Michael StoneU13M-3 26.2
13416:58Luke SartiU11M-5 Guildford & Godalming