Giffnock North AC Club Championships External Results
26 Sep 21
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PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
15.28  Jacob LucPBU20M  Giffnock North5.285.28
25.24  Ross O'BrienPBU20M Dudley WalkerGiffnock North5.245.24
35.24  Neil HutchisonSBSENM Anne StewartGiffnock North5.245.75
45.02  Andrew RobertsonPBU20M Dudley WalkerGiffnock North5.025.02
54.75  Michael CrossPBV35M  Giffnock North4.754.75
63.93  John Coyle SENM  Giffnock North AC  
73.44  Kieren MooneyPBU23M  Giffnock North3.443.44
83.11  Jordan OrrSBSENM  Giffnock North3.113.21
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
15.72 -0.4Edward JoycePBU17M1 Giffnock North5.725.72
25.26 -0.4Euan O'brienPBU17M1 Giffnock North5.265.26
34.66 -0.1Tathagata MajumdarPBU17M2 Giffnock North4.664.66
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
14.59 0.0Euan ArmstrongPBU15M1 Giffnock North4.594.59
24.48 0.8Oliver BryersPBU15M1 Giffnock North4.484.48
34.32w4.2Jack WallacePBU15M2Angela CarsonGiffnock North4.324.32
-4.24 0.0Jack WallacePBU15M2Angela CarsonGiffnock North4.324.32
44.14 1.0James MowatPBU15M2 Giffnock North4.144.14
54.07 -1.1Calan ChongPBU15M2 Giffnock North4.074.07
63.99 -1.4Alasdair NugentPBU15M2Angela CarsonGiffnock North3.993.99
73.69 0.0Ruari LaskeyPBU15M2 Giffnock North3.693.69
83.44 -2.2Matthew ShawPBU15M1Angela CarsonGiffnock North3.443.44
93.38w2.5Charlie McAllisterPBU15M1Angela CarsonGiffnock North3.383.38
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
14.90 -1.7Angus WeirPBU13M1 Giffnock North4.944.94
24.80 -1.6Zander SummerhillPBU13M2 Giffnock North4.804.80
34.03 -0.3Aaron Reid U13M2 Giffnock North4.364.36
43.81 -2.3Alastair Gear U13M1 Giffnock North3.853.85
53.79 0.3Charlie AnnandPBU13M2 Giffnock North3.793.79
63.48 -0.6Cameron MitchellPBU11M  Giffnock North3.483.48
73.23 -1.0Joseph MowatPBU13M  Giffnock North3.233.23
83.05 -2.7Finlay LaskeyPBU13M1 Giffnock North3.053.05
93.03 1.1Nathan Judge U13M  Giffnock North AC  
102.90 1.2Lewis Crosbie U13M  Giffnock North AC  
112.83 -0.9Matthew O'ReillyPBU13M1 Giffnock North2.832.83
122.70 -0.2Ruaridh MostynPBU13M1 Giffnock North2.702.70
132.63 0.0Jamie Meikle U13M  Giffnock North AC  
142.32 0.0Matthew HillPBU13M2 Giffnock North2.322.32
152.04 -2.8Matthew Darroch U13M  Giffnock North AC  
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
13.84  Kian Dick U11M12 Giffnock North3.903.90
23.77  Cory McConville U11M  Giffnock North AC  
33.64  Finlay Hamilton U11M  Giffnock North3.743.74
43.41  Christopher SnowdenPBU11M11 Giffnock North3.413.41
53.37  Paul Rolfe U11M11 Giffnock North3.643.64
63.31  Ayden Beard U11M  Giffnock North3.743.74
73.27  Austin Summerhill U11M  Giffnock North3.473.47
83.23  Zac HollymanPBU11M  Giffnock North3.233.23
93.14  Logan McnultyPBU11M11 Giffnock North3.143.14
103.13  Benjamin Orren Bell U11M  Giffnock North AC  
113.07  Cal McKay U11M  Giffnock North AC  
123.07  Samuel Eadie U11M  Giffnock North AC  
132.99  Craig RossPBU11M  Giffnock North2.992.99
142.87  Ollie Macfarlane U11M  Giffnock North AC  
152.87  Michael Nordmann U11M  Giffnock North AC  
162.85  Noah SlumanPBU11M11 Giffnock North2.852.85
172.82  Lewis Turnbull U11M  Giffnock North AC  
182.80  Finlay Shennan U11M  Giffnock North AC  
192.70  Evan Tyler U11M  Giffnock North AC  
202.58  Rory Marshall U11M  Giffnock North AC  
211.92  Reece Biggs U11M  Giffnock North AC  
LJ M35
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
14.23 0.0David ShawPBV45M  Giffnock North4.234.23
23.51 -0.4Andrew MostynPBV40M7 Giffnock North3.513.51
33.20 -1.8Colin WylieSBV45M15 Giffnock North3.203.75
43.19 1.4William LintonSBSENM  Giffnock North3.193.30
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
15.19  Rachel Callan U20W  Giffnock North5.495.49
24.66  Alyson BellSBU20W  Giffnock North4.664.75
34.53  Holly StillPBSENW  Giffnock North/Glasgow Caledonian Uni4.534.53
44.23  Caroline MacConnellSBU20W  Giffnock North4.234.34
53.54  Emily CrusherPBU23W Bernie CampbellGiffnock North/Glasgow Uni3.543.54
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
14.33 --1.2Emily WatsonSBU17W1 Giffnock North4.334.53
24.12 0.1Amy GreenePBU17W2 Giffnock North4.124.12
33.96 0.0Ava BruceSBU17W2 Giffnock North3.964.42
43.35 0.8Isla ScottSBU17W2Lynne MacDougallGiffnock North3.353.82
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
13.84 -1.6Madeleine MacKenzieSBU15W1 Giffnock North3.843.86
23.76 -0.7Lauren McPhersonPBU15W1Duncan RobertsonGiffnock North3.763.76
33.30 -1.4Emily WilliamsPBU15W1 Giffnock North3.303.30
42.99 2.0Lucy O'donoghuePBU15W1Duncan RobertsonGiffnock North2.992.99
52.96 -1.0Hazel O'DonoghuePBU15W2Duncan RobertsonGiffnock North2.962.96
62.75 0.2Mili MacfarlanePBU15W2 Giffnock North2.752.75
72.68 -1.9Ellie StewartPBU15W2 Giffnock North2.682.68
82.34 -0.7Lexie MartinPBU15W1 Giffnock North2.342.34
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
14.68 -1.6Kate Seenan U15W2 Giffnock North4.864.86
24.33 1.0Hannah TurnbullPBU15W1 Giffnock North4.334.33
34.21 -0.5Cara Weir U15W2 Giffnock North4.254.25
44.07 -1.1Erin SnellPBU15W1 Giffnock North4.074.07
53.88 0.0Isla RossPBU15W1John DavieGiffnock North3.883.88
63.82 -0.8Laurie MacDougall U15W  Giffnock North AC  
73.81 -0.1Casey CarrPBU15W2 Giffnock North3.813.81
83.77 -0.4Sophie FergusonPBU15W2 Giffnock North3.773.77
93.71  Katy DonnellySBU15W2 Giffnock North3.713.72
103.65 0.0Helen AdakomolaPBU15W1 Giffnock North3.653.65
113.52 -1.1Genevieve NordmannPBU15W2 Giffnock North3.523.52
123.49 -1.3Scarlett WilsonPBU15W1Duncan RobertsonGiffnock North3.493.49
133.39 -1.2Maisie LingPBU15W1 Giffnock North3.393.39
143.25 -2.2Evie Cameron U15W  Giffnock North AC  
153.24 -3.6Emilia Hickey-FugacciaPBU15W1 Giffnock North3.243.24
163.07 -1.6Eve GreeneSBU15W2 Giffnock North3.073.25
173.00 -0.5Annabelle NordmannPBU15W2 Giffnock North3.003.00
182.79 1.2Katie OrrPBU15W2 Giffnock North2.792.79
192.35 -0.7Millie Maclean U15W  Giffnock North AC  
202.34 0.0Alex GoldiePBU15W2 Giffnock North2.342.34
211.91w2.2Sofie O'Donnell U15W  Giffnock North AC  
-1.78 0.0Sofie O'Donnell U15W  Giffnock North AC  
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
13.96  Leilani Spelman IkedashiSBU13W2 Giffnock North3.964.23
23.92  Ahrra DonaldsonPBU13W2 Giffnock North3.923.92
33.76  Isabella Annand U13W2 Giffnock North4.304.30
43.74  Sarah McNultyPBU13W2 Giffnock North3.743.74
53.74  Poppy BallantynePBU13W2 Giffnock North3.743.74
63.22  Beatrice NairnePBU13W1 Giffnock North3.593.59
73.16  Cara HeronPBU13W2 Giffnock North3.163.16
82.93  Alesia MckendryPBU13W2 Giffnock North2.932.93
82.93  Anna Campbell U13W  Giffnock North AC  
102.92  Lucy CampbellPBU13W2 Giffnock North2.922.92
112.87  Erin Thomson U13W  Giffnock North AC  
122.87  Michelle AdakomolaPBU13W2 Giffnock North2.872.87
132.68  Amy GallagherPBU13W2 Giffnock North2.682.68
142.67  Holly SimpsonPBU13W1 Giffnock North2.672.67
152.63  Nicole YatesPBU13W1 Giffnock North2.632.63
162.60  Isabella WilsonPBU13W1 Giffnock North2.602.60
172.52  Freya McGeoghPBU13W1 Giffnock North2.522.52
182.25  Lucy McGhie U13W  Giffnock North AC  
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
13.34  Bethany McneillPBU11W11 Giffnock North3.343.34
23.03  Eva McgroryPBU11W11 Giffnock North/Calderglen3.033.03
32.92  Megan Jackson U11W  Giffnock North3.073.07
42.88  Katie Heron U11W  Giffnock North AC  
52.82  Audrey McGuirePBU11W  Giffnock North2.822.82
52.82  Femke McKenna U11W  Giffnock North AC  
72.75  Eilidh BrownPBU11W  Giffnock North2.752.75
82.71  Orla Yeates U11W  Giffnock North AC  
92.54  Vera Hickey-Fugaccia U11W  Giffnock North AC  
102.40  Eve Cameron U11W  Giffnock North AC  
112.37  Anna Hill U11W  Giffnock North AC  
122.34  Caitlin Scott U11W  Giffnock North AC  
132.32  Lotty Martin U11W  Giffnock North AC  
142.23  Isla Mostyn U11W  Giffnock North AC  
152.10  Elisabeth Smeeth U11W  Giffnock North AC  
162.07  Lilah MacIntyre U11W  Giffnock North2.582.58
171.93  Macy Judge U11W  Giffnock North AC  
181.75  Amelie O'DonnellPBU11W  Giffnock North1.751.75
LJ W35
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
13.53 -0.4Allie ChongPBV50W16Bernie CampbellGiffnock North3.533.53