Cheshire County Championships External Results
14-15 May 22
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100 SM (14 May)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
111.201.1Dominic BradleySBV45M  Crewe & Nantwich/Midland Masters10.8410.66
211.511.1Jack Forster SENM  Vale Royal/Sale Harriers Manchester11.411.4
311.601.1Marvin Edwards V40M  North East Vets11.2611.2
100 U20M (14 May)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
111.061.1Albert BradshawSBU20M1Simon FrithMacclesfield11.0611.0
211.301.1Sam DansonPBU20M2Tom CullenMacclesfield11.3011.30
311.391.1Theo DanquahPBU20M2 Sale Harriers Manchester11.3911.39
411.711.1David Naylor U20M3Dominic BradleyCrewe & Nantwich/Edge Hill Uni11.6911.25
511.771.1Drew BradleyPBU20M1Dominic BradleyCrewe & Nantwich11.5711.57
100 U17M (14 May)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
111.380.9Lewis ParsonsPBU17M1Jonathan MossWest Cheshire11.3811.38
211.530.9Callum WainPBU17M2Simon FrithMacclesfield11.5311.53
311.620.9Joel DanquahPBU17M2 Sale Harriers Manchester11.6211.62
411.700.9Andrew SalmonPBU17M2 Crewe & Nantwich11.611.6
511.830.9Alexander RutherfordPBU17M1Jonathan MossWest Cheshire11.511.5
612.080.9Thomas DansonPBU17M2Tom CullenMacclesfield12.0512.05
712.310.9Luca De Mendonca PereiraPBU17M1 Vale Royal12.3112.31
812.390.9Archie Varley U17M1 Crewe & Nantwich12.112.1
100 U17M h1 (14 May)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
111.91-0.3Callum WainSBU17M2Simon FrithMacclesfield11.5311.53
211.92-0.3Alexander RutherfordSBU17M1Jonathan MossWest Cheshire11.511.5
312.42-0.3Archie Varley U17M1 Crewe & Nantwich12.112.1
412.49-0.3Luca De Mendonca PereiraPBU17M1 Vale Royal12.3112.31
513.30-0.3Finnan IkinPBU17M1 Crewe & Nantwich12.9212.92
100 U17M h2 (14 May)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
111.561.8Lewis ParsonsSBU17M1Jonathan MossWest Cheshire11.3811.38
211.821.8Joel DanquahPBU17M2 Sale Harriers Manchester11.6211.62
311.871.8Andrew SalmonPBU17M2 Crewe & Nantwich11.611.6
412.051.8Thomas DansonPBU17M2Tom CullenMacclesfield12.0512.05
512.641.8Tiago De Mendonca PereiraPBU17M2 Vale Royal12.6412.64
612.801.8Alfie Carter U17M1 Crewe & Nantwich12.412.4
100 U15M (14 May)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
112.040.8Caleb AdelaniPBU15M1 Warrington AC12.0412.04
212.330.8Theo ShepherdPBU15M1 West Cheshire12.3312.33
312.930.8Reece BradleyPBU15M2Dominic BradleyCrewe & Nantwich12.712.7
413.100.8Henry SmithPBU15M2 Crewe & Nantwich13.013.0
513.180.8Kai FalloonPBU15M2Glenn WillshireSale Harriers Manchester13.1713.17
613.740.8Isaac PickeringPBU15M1 Crewe & Nantwich13.5913.59
100 U13M (14 May)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
113.481.6Samuel ConkiePBU13M2 Vale Royal13.4813.48
213.921.6Sam MorleyPBU13M2 Vale Royal13.9213.92
314.011.6Tristan LamprechtSBU13M2 Macclesfield13.913.7
414.151.6Ben JeffsPBU13M1 Crewe & Nantwich14.1514.15
514.531.6Ollie GreeningPBU13M2 Vale Royal14.5314.53
614.681.6Toby BroadrickPBU15M3 Macclesfield14.6814.68
715.011.6Dominic RhodesPBU13M2 Macclesfield15.0115.01
815.141.6Joshua JonesPBU13M2 Macclesfield15.1415.14
100 U20W (14 May)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
112.97-1.1Georgia DonaldSBU20W1Dominic BradleyCrewe & Nantwich12.9712.81
213.62-1.1Lucy Brightwell U20W2 Crewe & Nantwich13.313.3
313.95-1.1Sophia RowlinsonSBU20W2 Warrington AC13.9513.75
100 U17W (14 May)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
112.881.3Yasmin SmithPBU17W2Victor OyesolaWest Cheshire12.412.4
212.891.3Evie SchofieldSBU17W1Neal PetleyTrafford12.8212.82
312.981.3Ruby WisbeySBU17W2 West Cheshire12.812.53
413.451.3Carys MansonPBU17W1 West Cheshire13.213.2
514.821.3Mia StreffordPBU17W1 Vale Royal14.8214.82
615.751.3Sunday IbbotsonPBU17W1 Crewe & Nantwich15.7515.75
100 U15W h1 (14 May)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
113.040.2Emily Owen U15W2 West Cheshire12.312.3
213.730.2Lara Fields U15W2 West Cheshire13.413.4
314.020.2Chloe MasonPBU15W2 Crewe & Nantwich13.613.6
414.490.2Ursula ArcherPBU13W-1 West Cheshire14.314.3
514.760.2Lola-Mae WilkinsPBU15W1 Crewe & Nantwich14.414.4
614.830.2Olivia Williams U15W2 Macclesfield14.814.8
100 U15W h2 (14 May)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
113.43-1.0Holly Bosworth U15W2Jane PalmerWest Cheshire12.912.9
213.93-1.0Millie Egerton U15W2 Macclesfield13.713.7
314.24-1.0Ella Pennington U15W2 Warrington AC14.214.2
414.45-1.0Isabella WoodsPBU15W1 Crewe & Nantwich14.314.3
514.68-1.0Corinna KnuckeyPBU15W1 Macclesfield14.314.3
616.17-1.0Efa ReesSBU15W2 Warrington AC15.5915.59
716.38-1.0Lois Jones-HamiltonSBU15W1 Crewe & Nantwich16.016.0
100 U15W h3 (14 May)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
113.280.0Fraya-Lea Boone U15W2 Crewe & Nantwich12.9812.98
214.040.0Hannah HullPBU15W2 Warrington AC13.9913.99
314.110.0Elizabeth PendrillPBU15W1 Macclesfield13.913.9
414.120.0Teresa Arvidsson U15W2 West Cheshire13.813.8
515.290.0Bella VarleyPBU15W1 Crewe & Nantwich15.115.1
615.780.0Elisha CarterPBU15W1 Crewe & Nantwich15.715.7
100 U13W (14 May)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
112.420.7Emily Owen U15W4 West Cheshire12.312.3
212.980.7Fraya-Lea BoonePBU15W4 Crewe & Nantwich12.9812.98
313.010.7Holly BosworthPBU15W4Jane PalmerWest Cheshire12.912.9
413.720.7Lara Fields U15W4 West Cheshire13.413.4
513.810.7Millie Egerton U15W4 Macclesfield13.713.7
613.900.7Chloe MasonPBU15W4 Crewe & Nantwich13.613.6
713.990.7Hannah HullPBU15W4 Warrington AC13.9913.99
814.190.7Elizabeth PendrillPBU15W3 Macclesfield13.913.9