Gwent Leisure Centre League External Results
1 Dec 13
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PosMWACPerfNameAG CoachClub 
1 1NTMatthew EdmondsSENM Lliswerry
2 2NTMark JenningsV35M Fairwater
3 3NTDaryll BarnbySENM Fairwater
4 4NTMatthew StottSENM Chepstow H
5 5NTMichael LovellV35M Chepstow H
6 6NTJames BloreSENM Chepstow H
7 7NTMatthew GranthamU17M Lliswerry
8 8NTRichard MatthewsV35M Chepstow H
9 1NTRichard JohnsonV40M Islwyn
10 9NTMike GriffithsSENM N.E.W.T - Newport and East Wales Triathlon /Lliswe
11 10NTMiles ThomasSENM Lliswerry
12 11NTSimon A LewisV35M Parc Bryn Bach
13 1NTSteve DaviesV50M Griffithstown/Pont-Y-Pwl
14 12NTMike DurySENM Islwyn
15 13NTEddie HiscocksV35M Lliswerry
16 14NTAndrew WalshV35M Griffithstown
17 1NTMark BalchV45M Usk
18 2NTSimon LewisV45M Parc Bryn Bach
19 2NTDafydd LAMBETHV40M Islwyn
20 2NTDimitri Vorr├ęsV45M Griffithstown
21 15NTJim KingSENM Caerleon
22 3NTRobert John DaviesV40M Islwyn/Unattached
23 3NTPaul LidgettV45M Chepstow H
24 16NTGareth JonesSENM Usk
25 17NTRay Evan MorganSENM Griffithstown
26 18NTSimon GillSENM Lliswerry
27 19NTBrian WilliamsV35M Pont-Y-Pwl
28 4NTMathew LAWSONV40M Chepstow
29 20NTPhilip John WilliamsV35M Islwyn
30 21NTMartin JonesV35M Islwyn
31 4NTGareth BeckV45M Lliswerry
32 1NTLaurie CarterV55M Chepstow H
33 22NTMark HARVEY (jr)SENM Chepstow
34 23NTTom BlandSENM Lliswerry
35 5NTMark EnglishV45M Lliswerry
36 3NTHaydn HartnellV50M Islwyn
37 24NTAndrew MathiasSENM Chepstow H
38 25NTPaul NEWTONSENM Pont-Y-Pwl
39 5NTDamian WilliamsV45M Parc Bryn Bach
40 6NTGerard GormleyV45M Griffithstown
41 26NTAlun WoodSENM Islwyn
42 7NTRob BevesV45M Chepstow H
43 2NTJon HancockV55M Usk
44 27NTMatt CreedV35M Lliswerry/Chepstow H
45 6NTSteven Matthew LaneV40M Islwyn
46 4NTMike DaviesV50M Caerleon
47 5NTGrahame VinerV50M Caerleon
48 28NTJames Foulkes-NockU17M Lliswerry
49 8NTHoward Charles MasonV45M Caerleon
50 7NTPaul ChickV40M Lliswerry
51 9NTRob SymonsV45M Fairwater
52 6NTSteve HarrhyV50M Lliswerry
53 10NTPaul DonovanV45M Pont-Y-Pwl
54 1NTNeil GrantV60M Chepstow H
55 3NTPeter RodgerV55M Caerleon
56 11NTNigel LawrenceV45M Parc Bryn Bach
57 12NTMartin BlakebroughV50M Spirit of Monmouth
58 8NTRoger MillsV40M Fairwater
59 7NTAN Other     
60 29NTRichard ElgarSENM Lliswerry/Newport and East Wales TC
61 30NTAdrian BULLSENM Usk
62 8NTMartin V DaviesV50M Lliswerry
63 9NTAndrew StottV50M Chepstow H
64 31NTJamie DaviesU20M Lliswerry
65 32NTRicci WattsSENM Pont-Y-Pwl
66 2NTPaul DayV60M Lliswerry
67 10NTChristopher MatthewsV50M Lliswerry
68 9NTJason DixonV40M Islwyn
69 11NTRichard M BowieV50M Fairwater
70 33NTMathew SMARTSENM Griffithstown
71 34NTMatthew LloydSENM Fairwater
72 13NTRussell FINCHV45M Monmouth
73 3NTDavid SmoutV60M Parc Bryn Bach
74 35NTGary ADAMSSENM Fairwater
75 4NTKeith LangleyV55M Pont-Y-Pwl
76 14NTJeremy CreaseyV45M Spirit of Monmouth
77 4NTPaul DursleyV60M Lliswerry
78 5NTDavid HaywardV60M Chepstow H
79 10NTGareth HartV40M Caerleon
80 12NTChristopher JonesV50M Lliswerry
81 11NTNigel Foulkes-NockV40M Lliswerry
82 6NTHoward Martin AttwoodV60M Lliswerry
83 12NTAndrew DickensV40M Pont-Y-Pwl
84 13NTMartyn JenkinsV50M Fairwater
85 5NTKevin McEnteeV55M Chepstow H
86 15NTAllan McCallV45M Chepstow H
87 36NTDavid GRIFFITHSSENM Fairwater
88 37NTPaul HarveySENM Islwyn
89 6NTChris DaviesV55M Lliswerry
90 16NTDave TimsonV45M Pont-Y-Pwl
91 7NTPeter RobertsV55M Griffithstown
92 14NTDavid GatesV50M Lliswerry
93 7NTGlyn HicksV60M Islwyn
94 13NTPeter LYONSV40M Usk
95 8NTMichael BonnettV55M Lliswerry
96 15NTStuart DuncanV50M Chepstow H
97 9NTStephen WilliamsV55M Lliswerry
98 38NTCharlie RISKSENM Usk
99 16NTNeil WilliamsV50M Usk
100 17NTAndrew RalphV50M Lliswerry
101 39NTRichard Lowcock JamesV35M Lliswerry/Unattached
102 14NTSteve MORGANV40M Fairwater
103 40NTTom SouthwellU23M Usk
104 18NTGarry WoodsV50M Fairwater
105 1NTDick FinchV65M Chepstow H
106 8NTColin DixonV60M Islwyn
107 41NTMatthew ReesV35M Lliswerry
108 19NTGary WillcoxV50M Usk
109 9NTSteve McNicholasV60M Usk
110 20NTNeil ChipperV50M Lliswerry
111 15NTJay LEACHV40M Islwyn
112 16NTChris ChoulsV40M Lliswerry
113 17NTRussell CarterV45M Usk
114 42NTHarry SeniorU20M Islwyn
115 18NTDavid DaviesV45M Caerleon
116 21NTGwilym ParrV50M Islwyn
117 10NTMervyn Weightman-BentV55M Lliswerry
PosMWACPerfNameAG CoachClub 
111NTKatherine MatthewsV35W Chepstow H
221NTEmma WookeyU20W Lliswerry
331NTNicola JukesV40W Parc Bryn Bach
441NTNiki MorganV45W Chepstow H
552NTSarah LauderSENW Lliswerry
662NTJudith AusterberryV35W Chepstow H
773NTGeorgie PARNELLSENW Chepstow
884NTAntoinette DumayneU23W Lliswerry
993NTLouise HowellsV35W Lliswerry
10102NTVanessa LawsonV40W Chepstow H
11113NTHelen DuffieldV40W Chepstow H
12125NTSamantha ToopSENW Pont-Y-Pwl/Army
13134NTSandra ChipperV40W Lliswerry
14144NTEmma SowreyV35W Pont-Y-Pwl
15155NTKeri JonesV40WNicola Haines-JonesLliswerry/Royal Air Force
16166NTTara PAISEYSENW Griffithstown
17177NTKelly WaiteSENW Islwyn
18182NTJanet RichardsV45W Lliswerry
19198NTRuth PhillipsSENW Lliswerry/Newport
20203NTSusanne TaggV45W Parc Bryn Bach/Police
21216NTBecky CominsV40W Chepstow H
22227NTMaria RichardsV40W Pont-Y-Pwl/Unattached
23239NTRebecca POOLESENW Fairwater
24245NTJulie LEESV35W Fairwater
25254NTLiz RichardsV45W Caerleon
26261NTTeresa TranterV60W Chepstow H
27278NTJulie DAVIESV40W Pont-Y-Pwl
282810NTSian JonesSENW Caerleon
29299NTKaren PayneV40W Caerleon
30305NTCathy TURNERV45W Lliswerry
313111NTLaura PowellSENW Usk
323212NTSinead ThomsonSENW Lliswerry
33336NTJulie RocheV45W Fairwater
343410NTBev BRADBURY JONESV40W Fairwater
353513NTEmma KingSENW Spirit of Monmouth
363614NTGemma BevesSENW Chepstow H
37377NTAlison ScrivensV45W Caerleon
383811NTElizabeth Patricia StokesV40W Griffithstown
393912NTDaniela GORMLEYV40W Griffithstown
404013NTLeanne PhillipsV40W Lliswerry
41416NTEmma MorganV35W Pont-Y-Pwl
424214NTJacqueline Louise LambethV40W Islwyn
43431NTCarol WoodfordV50W Lliswerry
44442NTShelagh AdkinsV65W Caerleon
454515NTRose CHARLESSENW Griffithstown
46462NTJeanette JenkinsV50W Fairwater
47477NTCerianne JenkinsV35W Lliswerry
48488NTStella SymonsV45W Fairwater
494916NTRoberta I HaversSENW Chepstow H
505015NTKay DixonV40W Islwyn
515116NTCeri DonovanV40W Lliswerry
52529NTCaroline LidgettV45W Chepstow H
535317NTShannel SpruceSENW Lliswerry
545417NTElizabeth ParkerV40W Lliswerry
555510NTKaren EmmottV45W Lliswerry
56563NTWendy ReesV50W Griffithstown
575711NTLisa BatemanV45W Lliswerry
585818NTNiamh MaguireSENW Caerleon
59591NTKathleen JervisV55W Parc Bryn Bach
606018NTColeen BirchV40W Islwyn
616119NTCara GatesV40W Lliswerry
62623NTTracy BurtonV50W Lliswerry
636320NTNadine DonovanV40W Pont-Y-Pwl
64648NTSue WilliamsV35W Lliswerry/Unattached
656512NTHelen GwilliamV45W Fairwater
666613NTAngela BURTV45W Islwyn
676721NTMelonie SeniorV40W Islwyn
68682NTYvonne ForseyV55W Lliswerry
69699NTDeb DaviesV35W Usk
707014NTSheree MannV45W Fairwater
71714NTChristine VorresV50W Griffithstown/Pont-Y-Pwl
727215NTDebbie CummingV45W Caerleon
737319NTHayley EdwardsSENW Lliswerry
747410NTKay MorganV35W Pont-Y-Pwl
75754NTGwyneth HowellsV60W Caerleon
767616NTDiane PotterV45W Lliswerry
77775NTLinda DursleyV55W Lliswerry
787820NTMorwenna PhillipsSENW Lliswerry
797917NTVivienne TuckV45W Usk
808018NTMaxine RHODESV45W Lliswerry
81815NTDaphne AusterberryV70W Chepstow H